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  *下* | 下* | *下
down / downwards / below / lower / later / next (week etc) / second (of two parts) / to decline / to go down / to arrive at (a decision, conclusion etc) / measure word to show the frequency of an action
  *好* | 好* | *好
good / well / proper / good to / easy to / very / so / (suffix indicating completion or readiness) / (of two people) close / on intimate terms
  *点* | 点* | *点
point / dot / drop / speck / o'clock / point (in space or time) / to draw a dot / to check on a list / to choose / to order (food in a restaurant) / to touch briefly / to hint / to light / to ignite / to pour a liquid drop by drop / (old) one fifth of a two-hour watch / dot stroke in Chinese characters / classifier for items
  *双* | 双* | *双
two / double / pair / both / even (number)
  *归* | 归* | *归
to return / to go back to / to give back to / (of a responsibility) to be taken care of by / to belong to / to gather together / (used between two identical verbs) despite / to marry (of a woman) (old) / division on the abacus with a one-digit divisor
  *券* | 券* | *券
bond (esp. document split in two, with each party holding one half) / contract / deed (i.e. title deeds) / ticket / voucher / certificate
emotion / sentiment / affection / feelings between two persons / CL: 個|个, 種|种
second (i.e. number two) / second time / twice / (math.) quadratic (of degree two)
  *兼* | 兼* | *兼
double / twice / simultaneous / holding two or more (official) posts at the same time
  *阁* | 阁* | *阁
pavilion (usu. two-storied) / cabinet (politics) / boudoir / woman's chamber / rack / shelf
  *更* | 更* | *更
to change or replace / to experience / one of the five two-hour periods into which the night was formerly divided / watch (e.g. of a sentry or guard)
individual / specific / respective / just one or two
  *第* | 第* | *第
(prefix indicating ordinal number, e.g. first, number two etc) / order / (old) rank in the imperial examinations / mansion / (literary) but / just
two-person / double / pair / tandem
two-dimensional barcode / QR code
first (of two parts) / last (week etc) / previous / the above
  *二* | 二* | *二
two / 2 / (Beijing dialect) stupid
  *间* | 间* | *间
between / among / within a definite time or space / room / section of a room or lateral space between two pairs of pillars / classifier for rooms
  *两* | 两* | *两
two / both / some / a few / tael, unit of weight equal to 50 grams (modern) or 1⁄16 of a catty (old)
tuba / large size (clothes, print etc) / (polite) (your) name / (coll.) number two / to defecate
hook (on which to hang sth) / to couple / to link together / to establish contact with / hook / coupling links (e.g. between two railway coaches)
legs / both legs / two legs
a building of two or more stories / CL: 棟|栋, ,
secondly / the other (usu. of two) / the second
confluence (of two rivers) / junction (of roads) / (transport) interchange
the East / the Orient / two-character surname Dongfang
time / period during the day / one of the 12 two-hour periods enumerated by the earthly branches 地支
the second time / second / number two
positioned between (two parties) / to mediate between
(of two performers) to speak or sing alternately / to be fit for the purposes of a job or task / (of food) to suit sb's taste
lit. one is one, two is two (idiom) / fig. things are (or ought to be) perfectly clear-cut / unequivocal
  *零* | 零* | *零
zero / nought / zero sign / fractional / fragmentary / odd (of numbers) / (placed between two numbers to indicate a smaller quantity followed by a larger one) / fraction / (in mathematics) remainder (after division) / extra / to wither and fall / to wither
not having anything at all (idiom); utterly lacking / without two sticks to rub together
two-character surname Zhuge
parent and child / parent-child (relationship) / two successive generations
bidirectional / two-way / interactive
the thirty-two physical characteristics of Buddha
first two of the ten Heavenly Stems 十天干
minister of education (history) / two-character surname Situ
World War Two
both countries / two countries
two-character surname Huangfu
pincer attack / attack from two or more sides / converging attack / attack on a flank / fork in chess, with one piece making two attacks
to break or cut in two / to sever / to cut off / (fig.) to cut off (a conversation, a flow etc) / to interrupt / (math.) to truncate
  *拗* | 拗* | *拗
to bend in two so as to break / to defy / to disobey / also pr. [ao3]
  *仕* | 仕* | *仕
to serve as an official / an official / the two chess pieces in Chinese chess guarding the "general" or "king" 將|将
to attend simultaneously to two or more things / to balance (career and family, family and education etc)
train or coach service ("service" as in "they run 12 services per day between the two cities")
two sides / both sides
holding two jobs simultaneously
  *絃* | 絃* | *絃
variant of / bow string / string of musical instrument / watch spring / chord (straight line joining two points on a curve) / hypotenuse
amphibious / dual-talented / able to work in two different lines
two-phase (physics)
  *跟* | 跟* | *跟
heel / to follow closely / to go with / (of a woman) to marry sb / with / compared with / to / towards / and (joining two nouns)
one or two / a few
intertwined (as melon and vine plants) / interconnected / association (of two things)
  *担* | 担* | *担
picul (100 catties, 50 kg) / two buckets full / carrying pole and its load / classifier for loads carried on a shoulder pole
gap (between two objects) / interval of time (between events) / opening in one's schedule / free time / (fig.) gap (in the market etc)
time interval / work shift / time slot / the twelve two-hour divisions of the day
lit. to paint holding two brushes (idiom); fig. to work on two tasks at the same time / to attack one problem from two angles at the same time
lit. you die, I live (idiom); irreconcilable adversaries / two parties cannot coexist
to sell at a 50% discount / to fold in two
in twos and threes
a branch of the Xianbei 鮮卑|鲜卑 nomadic people / two-character surname Yuwen
  *倍* | 倍* | *倍
(two, three etc) -fold / times (multiplier) / double / to increase or multiply
two distinct things
two quite different things / another kettle of fish
  *鼎* | 鼎* | *鼎
ancient cooking cauldron with two looped handles and three or four legs / pot (dialect) / to enter upon a period of (classical) / Kangxi radical 206 / one of the 64 hexagrams of the Book of Changes
house / building (single- or two-story) / apartment / room / CL: 棟|栋, , , , 間|间
two quite different things / two unrelated matters
7-9 am (in the system of two-hour subdivisions used in former times)
checkmark / number for verification (serial number, seat number etc) / fig. two things match up
two rivers / Mesopotamia
World War Two
lit. two armies have equivalent banners and drums (idiom); fig. evenly matched / roughly comparable (opponents)
two or three
attack from two sides / pincer movement / converging attack / attack on a flank / fork in chess, with one piece making two attacks
both ends (of a stick etc) / two extremes
two-character surname Chun'yu
Xiao Qiao, one of the Two Qiaos, according to Romance of the Three Kingdoms 三國演義|三国演义, the two great beauties of ancient China
hearts linked as one, just as the proverbial rhinoceros communicates emotion telepathically through his single horn (idiom); fig. two hearts beat as one
1-3 pm (in the system of two-hour subdivisions used in former times)
not much to choose between the two / tweedledum and tweedledee
1-3 am (in the system of two-hour subdivisions used in former times)
huqin / family of Chinese two-stringed fiddles, with snakeskin covered wooden soundbox and bamboo bow with horsehair bowstring
lit. two segments with a single cut (idiom) / fig. to make a clean break (idiom)
to fit one into the other / to bring two things into contact
three, set five remove two (abacus rule) / efficiently / quickly and easily
two chambers (of legislative assembly), e.g. House of Representatives and Senate
inner product / the dot product of two vectors
Da Qiao, one of the Two Qiaos, according to Romance of the Three Kingdoms 三國演義|三国演义, the two great beauties of ancient China
marginalized people (not part of mainstream society) / marginal man (term coined by social psychologist Kurt Lewin, referring to a person in transition between two cultures or social groups, not fully belonging to either)
  *俩* | 俩* | *俩
two (colloquial equivalent of 兩個|两个) / both / some
tutorial / period of tuition for one or two students
the two sexes / bisexual / hermaphrodite / having two characteristics / heterosexual
bridge / fig. connection between two areas
two lakes / Shuanghu special district, Tibetan: Mtsho gnyis don gcod khru'u, in Nagchu prefecture 那曲地區|那曲地区, central Tibet
to miss a line / to confuse two lines
two bits / a small amount of money

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