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  *小* | 小* | *小
small / tiny / few / young
youth / youthful years / young person / the young
  *仔* | 仔* | *仔
meticulous / (of domestic animals or fowls) young
  *青* | 青* | *青
green / blue / black / youth / young (of people)
  *少* | 少* | *少
  *幼* | 幼* | *幼
girl / young lady
  *毛* | 毛* | *毛
hair / feather / down / wool / mildew / mold / coarse or semifinished / young / raw / careless / unthinking / nervous / scared / (of currency) to devalue or depreciate / classifier for Chinese fractional monetary unit ( = , = one-tenth of a yuan or 10 fen )
young lady / miss / (slang) prostitute / CL: 個|个,
early youth / youngster / (literary) youth / young man
young child / infant / preschooler
younger sister / young woman / CL: 個|个
schoolboy / male student / boy / guy (young adult male)
  *弱* | 弱* | *弱
weak / feeble / young / inferior / (following a decimal or fraction) slightly less than
young people / youngster
  *娘* | 娘* | *娘
mother / young lady / (coll.) effeminate
(literary) youngster / (old) young fellow (term of address used by the older generation) / (old) I, me (used in speaking to one's elders)
little sister / girl / (Tw) young female employee working in a low-level role dealing with the public (assistant, waitress, attendant etc)
black clothes / servant (old) / young woman role in Chinese opera, also called 正旦
daughter-in-law / wife (of a younger man) / young married woman / young woman
young woman / maiden / girl / CL: 個|个,
girl / young woman / young lady / daughter / paternal aunt (old) / CL: 個|个
to bring up / to train / to contribute to / achievements (usually of young people)
young child
(in classical literature) young military officer of high rank for his age / (during the Cultural Revolution) young militant in the Red Guard / (in modern usage) rising star (in sport, politics etc)
to regret leaving / reluctant to part / (onom.) young leaves stir gently in the wind
son of the boss / young master of the house / your son (honorific)
young child / (humble) my son
young girl
young married woman
  *茗* | 茗* | *茗
Thea sinensis / young leaves of tea
young sprout / bud / sapling / seedling
young worker / employee / young male worker
a Lolita (young, cute girl)
young lady of note / debutante
withdrawal from the Communist Party, the Communist Youth League, and the Young Pioneers of China
idol drama / drama series in which the actors are chosen for their preexisting popularity with young viewers
to instruct the young / to initiate / to awake sb from ignorance / to free sb from prejudice or superstition / primer / enlightened / the Enlightenment / Western learning from the late Qing dynasty
young / childish / puerile
yellow flowers (of various types) / chrysanthemum / cauliflower / (yellow) daylily / a young virgin (boy or girl)
young / junior
(dialect) boss's son / rich man's son / young master
(neologism c. 2017) (coll.) chill about everything (typically used to describe young people who don't buy into aspirational society)
underripe / (fig.) young and inexperienced
  *稚* | 稚* | *稚
infantile / young
young foreign girl
young person / youngster
young generation / youth / young man
young / underage
the old and the young
handsome young man
young guy / lad / youngster / CL: 個|个
  *雛* | 雛* | *雛
chick / young bird
young Chinese cyber-nationalists
young / immature
young person who adopts an artistic or intellectual style / abbr. for 文藝青年|文艺青年
hoodlum / hooligan / young rowdy
a mom (mother of a young child)
vertical / to erect / to set upright / vertical stroke in Chinese characters / young servant (old)
role of vivacious young female in Chinese opera
young years / youth
to have one's heart filled with / (to collide) full on / (of farm animals) heavy with young
the affection, or heart, of a young woman
age (of a young woman)
young deer antler prior to ossification (used in TCM)
young man / young guy / lad / youngster / CL: 個|个
a beautiful woman / young beauties / youths / rosy cheeks
young and tender / puerile / soft and immature
men, women, young and old / all kinds of people / people of all ages
a dad (father of a young child)
lord / master / young gentleman / male prostitute / catamite / mahjong player disqualified by unintentionally taking in the wrong number of dominoes / (old form of address for one's husband) husband
eldest daughter of an affluent family / (polite) your daughter / bossy or indulged young woman / Miss High and Mighty
(literary) (of a young lady) to be awaiting betrothal
well-bred young lady
young and pretty / pretty girl
(coll.) young married couple
shotacon (Japanese loanword) / manga or anime genre depicting young boys in an erotic manner
angry youth / positive term used to describe young Chinese with extreme nationalistic tendencies / see also 糞青|粪青
young disciple (of the same master) / younger or junior male schoolmate
young, cute boy / derived from Japanese loanword shotacon 正太控
(Internet slang) sweet, naive young woman
queer uncle, referring to a young to middle-aged male pedophile (Internet slang)
red neckscarf / by extension, a member of the Young Pioneers
lolicon or rorikon (Japanese loanword) / manga or anime genre depicting young girls in an erotic manner
fine horse / brilliant young man
attractive young man (usually derog.) / pretty boy / gigolo
flower bud / young flower still tightly rolled up
wife / young married woman
the old and the young / the youngest member of the family
the young (unborn or newborn) of an animal / larva
young female worker
promise of brilliant young person (idiom); showing extraordinary gifts
asparagus / (Taiwan) young shoots of the chayote vine 佛手瓜
to die young or prematurely / to come to a premature end / to be aborted prematurely
flirtatious / coquettish / sweet and charming / beautiful young woman (old)
as a lotus flower breaking the surface (idiom); surpassingly beautiful (of young lady's face or old gentleman's calligraphy)
Charlie Young (1974-), Hong Kong actress and singer
boss's son / young master
tiger cub / brave young man

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