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  *菜* | 菜* | *菜
dish (type of food) / vegetable / cuisine / CL: 盤|盘, / (coll.) (one's) type / (of one's skills etc) weak / poor
vegetables / vegetarian food
vegetables / CL: 種|种
vegetables and fruits
  *釀* | 釀* | *釀
to ferment / to brew / to make honey (of bees) / to lead to / to form gradually / wine / stuffed vegetables (cooking method)
  *筋* | 筋* | *筋
muscle / tendon / veins visible under the skin / sth resembling tendons or veins (e.g. fiber in a vegetable)
salad with dressing / cold vegetables dressed with sauce (e.g. coleslaw)
lettuce / raw fresh vegetables / greens
  *茹* | 茹* | *茹
to eat / (extended meaning) to endure / putrid smell / vegetables / roots (inextricably attached to the plant)
vegetable and meat dishes / dish
green vegetables / Chinese cabbage
pickled vegetables, especially Chinese cabbage
vegetable dish
to extract (vegetable) oil / oil extraction
  *蔬* | 蔬* | *蔬
vegetable knife / kitchen knife / cleaver / CL:
  *葷* | 葷* | *葷
strong-smelling vegetable (garlic etc) / non-vegetarian food (meat, fish etc) / vulgar / obscene
rice with meat and vegetables
meat and vegetable
to extract oil from vegetables / to press
vegetable garden
person in a vegetative state / human vegetable
vegetable oil
seasonal vegetables
vegetable field
vegetable field / vegetable bed
rice in gravy, typically with meat and vegetables
soft mixed vegetable and meat roll-up
fresh vegetable
to cut into cubes / to dice (vegetable)
vegetable seeds / rapeseed
fruit and vegetables
vegetable farmer
clear soup containing beaten egg and green leafy vegetable / eggdrop soup
rice noodle roll, a roll made from sheets of rice flour dough, steamed and stuffed with meat, vegetables etc
salted vegetables / pickles
dried vegetable
vegetable or food basket / (fig.) food supply
incomplete meal of a single dish / meat or vegetable dish without rice or wine / rice without meat or vegetables
vegetable cooking oil
produce / fresh fruits and vegetables / fresh aquatic food / fresh herbs
greens / vegetables / vegetable side dish
  *蕹* | 蕹* | *蕹
water spinach or ong choy (Ipomoea aquatica), used as a vegetable in south China and southeast Asia / Taiwan pr. [yong1]
  *蔌* | 蔌* | *蔌
  *芼* | 芼* | *芼
select / vegetables
  *菹* | 菹* | *菹
marshland / swamp / salted or pickled vegetables / to mince / to shred / to mince human flesh and bones / Taiwan pr. [ju1]
vegetable fat
  *礤* | 礤* | *礤
shredder / grater (kitchen implement for grating vegetables) / grindstone
  *荁* | 荁* | *荁
(vegetable) / Viola vaginata
pasty (i.e. pastry stuffed with meat or vegetables)
  *齏* | 齏* | *齏
finely chopped meat or vegetables / powdered or fragmentary
rice with meat and vegetables
chunks obtained by repeatedly cutting a vegetable diagonally and rotating the vegetable after each cut
vegetable noodle dish
autumn vegetables
  *虀* | 虀* | *虀
fragment / salted vegetables / spices
to grate / to shred (vegetable)
steamed bun stuffed with vegetables / (fig.) useless person / a good-for-nothing
seasonal vegetable
peeler (e.g. for vegetables)
mixed vegetables
(Buddhism etc) the five forbidden pungent vegetables: leek, scallion, garlic, rape and coriander
to pick the edible part of vegetables
vegetable field / vegetable bed
greens / green vegetables
"Tiger Vegetable Salad," Northeast China dish usually consisting of hot pepper, cucumber, cilantro and leek
very pungent and spicy vegetable dishes (a common Buddhist term)
  *䕭* | 䕭* | *䕭
a kind of vegetable
vegetable filling
  *鮓* | 鮓* | *鮓
salted fish / dish made with ground vegetables, flour and other condiments
rutabaga (vegetable)
hot pot / a dish where thinly sliced meat and vegetables are boiled briefly in a broth and then served with dipping sauces
popular Taiwan snack, similar to a hamburger, steamed bun stuffed with pork, pickled vegetables, peanut powder and cilantro
Chinese roseheart radish (shinrimei radish), green on the outside, purple-red on the inside, a favorite Beijing vegetable
rape (Brassica campestris L.) / rapeseed plant / canola plant / a common vegetable with a dark green leaf / also called 油菜
fish brings heat, meat brings phlegm, vegetables and tofu keep you healthy
dish containing a variety of meats and vegetables arranged in a broth in a clay pot / chafing dish
fruit and vegetables
water spinach or ong choy (Ipomoea aquatica), used as a vegetable in south China and southeast Asia
vegetable shredder / grater
shredder / grater (kitchen implement for grating vegetables)

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