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  *推* | 推* | *推
to push / to cut / to refuse / to reject / to decline / to shirk (responsibility) / to put off / to delay / to push forward / to nominate / to elect / massage
to refuse / to decline / to reject
  *拒* | 拒* | *拒
to resist / to repel / to refuse
to refuse to acknowledge / to pay no attention to / to take no notice of / to ignore
to resist / to boycott / to refuse (to cooperate) / to reject / resistance / refusal
to refuse politely
not to accept sth / to want to have sth overruled or changed / to refuse to obey or comply / to refuse to accept as final / to remain unconvinced by / not to give in to
to reject / to refuse to accept
dead loan / bad debts / to refuse to pay loan
to act shamelessly / to refuse to acknowledge that one has lost the game, or made a promise etc / to act dumb / to act as if sth never happened
against orders / to disobey / to refuse to accept orders
lit. eats soft food, but refuses hard food (idiom) / amenable to coaxing but not coercion
to rebuff / to refuse / to turn down
to refuse nobody (idiom) / all comers welcome
to refuse to concede / not to give in
householder who refuses to vacate his home despite pressure from property developers
to lock one's door and refuse to see sb
to refuse to meet sb / to avoid sb
to refuse to accept a payment / to refuse to pay / to stop (a check or payment)
person who refuses to face reality or confront a problem / ostrich
to refuse to admit (what one has done) / to disavow / to renege
not to refuse to (idiom) / not to hesitate to
to refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit / fig. to hesitate to do sth until forced to do even more
to refuse would be impolite
hiding a sickness for fear of treatment (idiom); fig. concealing a fault to avoid criticism / to keep one's shortcomings secret / to refuse to listen to advice
to reject / to refuse to take a call
to refuse to pay taxes / to boycott taxes
to refuse to take a passenger (of taxi)
to refuse (a visa application etc)
lit. not to shed a tear until one sees the coffin (idiom) / fig. refuse to be convinced until one is faced with grim reality
to withhold / to refuse
to decline / to refuse politely
to refuse to pay taxes / to boycott a levy
to refuse to listen
unable to refuse because of affection
against orders / to disobey / to refuse to accept orders
to refuse to say anything about (idiom) / to remain tight-lipped / to avoid mentioning
(of a horse, dog etc) to sit back on one's haunches and refuse to be coaxed forward / (of a person) to brace oneself to resist being made to go forward / (fig.) to dig one's heels in
to refuse to comment / same as 不置可否

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