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taxi / cab (Tw)
parking spot / unloading point / garage place / stand for taxi
special (or reserved) train (or bus etc) / limousine / private car used as a taxi and booked via a smartphone app
taxi (loanword)
(coll.) to take a taxi / to go by taxi
car-related business / car dealership / taxi company / (commercial) garage
  *攔* | 攔* | *攔
to block sb's path / to obstruct / to flag down (a taxi)
taxi / (Taiwan) rental car
(northern dialect) to pick up a fare (as a taxi driver) / to pick up a piece of work (as a courier)
abbr. of 麵包車的士|面包车的士 / minivan taxi
to slide / to coast / to glide / (of an aircraft) to taxi
to run the meter (in a taxi)
van for carrying people / taxi minibus
tuk tuk (three wheeler taxi) (loanword)
female taxi driver
taxi / cab (PRC) / hire car (Tw) / CL: 輛|辆
unlicensed or unofficial taxi / unlicensed motor vehicle
driver (of a taxi etc) (loanword from Japanese) (Tw)
Uber, app-based taxi company founded in 2009
male taxi driver / cabbie (slang)
to be a dancing partner to sb / to perform as a backup dancer / taxi dancer (hired dancing partner) / escort
to take a taxi (in town) / to hitch a lift
motorcycle taxi / abbr. for 摩托車的士|摩托车的士
to refuse to take a passenger (of taxi)
taxi driver
rickshaw seat (Beijing dialect) / patron (of teahouse, cinema) / passenger (in taxi, rickshaw etc)
to take on a piece of work / to pick up some freelance work / (of a taxi driver) to pick up a fare
to follow blindly
motorcycle taxi

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