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to print / to seal / to stamp
to blockade / to seal off
to seal / to close / to confine / to seal off / to close down / sealed / confined / closed / unreceptive
to seal up
to affix a seal / to stamp (a document) / to sign off on sth
  *章* | 章* | *章
chapter / section / clause / movement (of symphony) / seal / badge / regulation / order
  *印* | 印* | *印
to print / to mark / to engrave / a seal / a print / a stamp / a mark / a trace / image
  *封* | 封* | *封
to confer / to grant / to bestow a title / to seal / classifier for sealed objects, esp. letters
  *嚴* | 嚴* | *嚴
tight (closely sealed) / stern / strict / rigorous / severe / father
stamp / seal / CL:
  *符* | 符* | *符
mark / sign / talisman / to seal / to correspond to / tally / symbol / written charm / to coincide
to sequester / to seal up (for safe keeping) / to freeze (an account) / to mothball
  *焗* | 焗* | *焗
(dialect) to cook in salt or sand, inside a sealed pot / to steam / to bake
  *悶* | 悶* | *悶
bored / depressed / melancholy / sealed / airtight / tightly closed
to encapsulate / to enclose / to wrap / to seal inside
seal / signet / chop / stamp / CL:
  *璽* | 璽* | *璽
ruler's seal
mark / symbol / notation / seal
to seal (with official stamp) / to stamp / fig. to ratify / to put lid on (cooking pot) / to cap / to build an extension or additional storey
to dismantle / to disassemble / to open up (sth sealed) / to unpick
to close up / to heal (of wound) / to keep one's lips sealed
sealed / airtight
seal (on envelopes)
to sequester / to seize (assets) / to seal up / to close down
to seal / to confirm / to corroborate / to verify
to close the passes / to seal off the country / seclusion (monastic practice, e.g. of Chan Buddhists)
seal (zoology)
to engrave a seal / stamp mark / to print with carved type / to leave a deep impression
carving a seal
red ink paste used for seal
to affix a seal / to stamp (a document)
close-fitting / tightly sealed
glove compartment (of a car) / glovebox (sealed compartment with attached gloves for handling hazardous materials etc)
seal of state
angular Solomon's seal / Polygonatum odoratum
  *篆* | 篆* | *篆
seal (of office) / seal script (a calligraphic style) / the small seal 小篆 and great seal 大篆 / writing in seal script
stamp / seal
to seal off a port
to open sth that has been sealed
official seal
stamp / official seal
the small or lesser seal, the form of Chinese character standardized by the Qin dynasty
official seal / legally binding seal
fur seal
(sealed) tightly / (wrapped) closely / (covered) completely
to seal / to close up a package with a seal
King Solomon's seal (plant of genus Polygonatum)
to sign across the seal (as a precaution against fraud)
seal script (Chinese calligraphic style)
(sealed) tight / close / (hidden) safely / securely
sealed off / impenetrable
lips sealed and not saying anything (idiom); fig. to omit mention (of a non-person or embarrassing topic) / to censor
imperial seal
sealant / sealing glue
cap / seal / cover / to cover / blocked shot (basketball)
to seal up (a door with a paper seal, or a document) / to confer an additional title on a nobleman
security measures (esp. border security) / official seal (esp. military seal during Qing and Ming times)
  *緘* | 緘* | *緘
letters / to close / to seal
  *綬* | 綬* | *綬
cord on a seal
to close the passes and seal off the country / to close a country to exclude foreign contact
  *鈐* | 鈐* | *鈐
latch of door / seal
outer skin / envelope / cover / (legal) seal
  *紱* | 紱* | *紱
ribbon for a seal / sash
  *卩* | 卩* | *卩
"seal" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 26)
official seal / imperial or royal seal / papal bull
collection of seal stamps
  *籀* | 籀* | *籀
(writing) / to develop / seal script used throughout the pre-Han period
the great seal / used narrowly for 籀文 / used broadly for many pre-Qin scripts
seal impression / stamp / mark from a seal serving as signature
the text of an annotated book / an unannotated edition of a book / intagliated characters (on a seal)
to intercept at the net (volleyball, tennis etc) / (computing) to seal off a network
  *肭* | 肭* | *肭
see 膃肭|腽肭, fur seal or its blubber
early form of Chinese characters inscribed in stone, a precursor of the small seal 小篆
  *鉨* | 鉨* | *鉨
variant of 璽|玺 ruler's seal
to seal jars etc with mud, clay or lute / lute / luting
  *㔾* | 㔾* | *㔾
"seal" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 26)
seal case / box for seal and ink pad
golden seal / characters tattooed on a convict's face
sealing clay / lute
official seal
recreative seal, bearing not the owner's name but a well-known verse or such, and used for artistic purposes on paintings etc
United States Navy SEALs
dust jacket (of a book) / protective cover / document seal
decorated knob protruding from seal, allowing it to be strung on a cord
decorated knob protruding from seal, allowing it to be strung on a cord
decorated knob protruding from seal, allowing it to be strung on a cord
sealed ribbon fastening correspondence (in former times)
seal script as unified by the Qin dynasty / the small seal 小篆 and great seal 大篆
seal (esp. of ruler)
(old) to seal an examinee's name on the examination paper to prevent fraud
bird characters (a decorated form of the Great Seal)
sealed compartment
(archaic) red silk ribbon tied to a seal or a jade pendant / red knee cover, part of an official's robes (also a synedoche for the attire of an official) / to be an official
stamp / seal
Phocidae, family within Carnivora including seal
the Great Seal of the United States
spotted seal (Phoca largha)
bird writing, a calligraphic style based on seal script 篆书, but with characters decorated as birds and insects
seal / stamp

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