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  *點* | 點* | *點
point / dot / drop / speck / o'clock / point (in space or time) / to draw a dot / to check on a list / to choose / to order (food in a restaurant) / to touch briefly / to hint / to light / to ignite / to pour a liquid drop by drop / (old) one fifth of a two-hour watch / dot stroke in Chinese characters / classifier for items
dining hall / dining room / restaurant / CL: 間|间,
restaurant / hotel / CL: , 個|个
the catering industry / the hotel and restaurant business
wine shop / pub (public house) / hotel / restaurant / (Tw) hostess club
  *居* | 居* | *居
to reside / to be (in a certain position) / to store up / to be at a standstill / residence / house / restaurant / classifier for bedrooms
proprietor of a shop or restaurant / landlord / shop
restaurant / CL:
to go / take out (relates to food bought at a restaurant)
to reserve all the seats (or a large block of seats) at a theater, restaurant etc
(at a restaurant) to order a meal / (of a waiter) to take an order
box (in a theater or concert hall) / private room (in a restaurant or karaoke)
server (at a restaurant)
to eat in (at a restaurant) (Tw) / to take the medicine orally
to pay the restaurant bill
outer area (of a place that has an inner area) / dining area of a restaurant (as opposed to the kitchen) / outfield (baseball etc) / area outside a venue (e.g. exterior of a stadium) / field (maintenance, testing etc) / (Chinese opera) the area in front of the table on the stage
wine list (in a restaurant etc)
restaurant / eatery
"keep the change" (restaurant expression)
(marked) price / tariff (in a restaurant etc)
private room (in a restaurant, bath house, etc)
restaurant / bartender / (old) wineshop / tavern
to order dishes (in a restaurant)
dining room / restaurant
set meal (esp. in a Japanese restaurant)
Din Tai Fung, restaurant specializing in dumplings, with stores in many countries
food stall / open-air restaurant
tearoom / teahouse / dimsum restaurant (Hong Kong)
restaurant / CL:
menu (in restaurant) / recipe / cookbook
inner area (of a place that has an outer area) / the kitchen of a restaurant (as opposed to the dining area) / infield (baseball etc) / (Chinese opera) the area behind the table on the stage
diner (in a restaurant etc) / hanger-on / sponger
to seat (sb in a restaurant etc) / to take one's seat
maneki-neko or "lucky cat", Japanese figurine cat usually found at the entrance of shops, restaurants etc, believed to bring good fortune
(dialect) restaurant
restaurant special / daily special
Burger King (fast food restaurant)
Chinese restaurant
compartment (of train, ship etc) / private room at restaurant / rented room for karaoke / hotel room rented by the hour
to pay the bill (in a restaurant etc) (loanword from Cantonese) / (fig.) to bear responsibility
(restaurant etc) private room / booth / comfortable seating
(of people with tight budget) to enjoy various dishes at the restaurant by ordering the food together and then sharing the costs
dumpling restaurant
Quanjude (famous Chinese restaurant)
  *焿* | 焿* | *焿
variant of , used in restaurants and night markets in Taiwan
private room (in a restaurant, or for karaoke etc) / parlor / booth / compartment
food stall / open-air restaurant (originally Hong Kong usage, now usually written as 大排檔|大排档
Subway (fast food restaurant)
opening hours (shop, bank, restaurant)
to use as a venue (e.g. use {a restaurant} as the venue {for a farewell party})
signature dish / a restaurant’s most famous dish
big restaurant
restaurant / theater (old)
Tricon Global Restaurants (incl. Pizza Hut and KFC)
customer area of a store / showroom / dining area of a restaurant
conveyor belt sushi (restaurant)
Carl's Jr. (fast-food restaurant chain)
person hired to lure customers to high-priced restaurants
booth (in restaurants etc) (loanword from "car seat")
to eat out / to eat at a restaurant
Tricon Global Restaurants (incl. Pizza Hut and KFC)
a hotel / a restaurant / a wine shop
Chinese restaurant syndrome
to eat out / to eat at a restaurant
lit. joint eaters / a restaurant social gathering, esp. organized online among strangers
to eat out / to eat at a restaurant

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