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  *得* | 得* | *得
structural particle: used after a verb (or adjective as main verb), linking it to following phrase indicating effect, degree, possibility etc
  *讀* | 讀* | *讀
comma / phrase marked by pause
  *句* | 句* | *句
sentence / clause / phrase / classifier for phrases or lines of verse
the meaning of sth / an explanation of the meaning of words or phrases / definition / an interpretation (of doctrine) / religious doctrine
word (general term including monosyllables through to short phrases) / term (e.g. technical term) / expression
letters or words / words or phrase
meaning (implicit in a phrase) / implied meaning / hidden meaning / hint / connotation
whether or not (at the end of a phrase)
phrase (grammar)
model or template character / written slogan or phrase / mention (e.g. "air mail" 航空 on a letter, "first draft" 初稿 on a document etc)
phrase (grammar)
(followed by a verb phrase, then – optionally – 不可, or 不行 etc) must
in duet / answering phrase / antiphonal answer
start of phrase or sentence
Zen saying repeated as cant / (fig.) catchphrase / mantra / favorite expression / stock phrase
popular piece of doggerel / common phrase repeated as a jingle
teach in peace (polite phrase to end a letter to a teacher)
lit. to pile up (bricks) / to pack / fig. to pad out (writing with fancy phrases) / ornate rhetoric
famous saying / celebrated phrase
to give answering phrase (school exercise in memory or composition)
it'd be a wonder if... (following a verb phrase that is usually negative)
hackneyed / well-worn (phrase etc) / same old story / stereotypical fashion
wording / way of expressing something / turn of phrase / diction
"Mr Science", phrase used during the May 4th Movement 五四運動|五四运动 / abbr. for 賽因斯|赛因斯 / see also 德先生
dual / duality / antithesis / coupled phrases (as rhetorical device) / spouse
wording / way of expressing something / turn of phrase / diction
pun / play on words / a phrase with a double meaning
pair of antithetical phrases / antithetical couplet
fashionable word or phrase / abbr. for 潮流用語|潮流用语
with regard to (preceding phrase)
polite phrase / conventional greetings / cliché / to try to worm facts out of sb
musical phrase
restrain your grief, accept fate (condolence phrase)
just a word or two (idiom); a few isolated phrases
answering phrase of duet / to sing antiphonal answer
(coll.) (of an actor with a bit part) to receive a boxed meal when one's job is done (phrase used e.g. by movie viewers when a character dies)
literal / word by word and phrase by phrase
pausing at the end of a phrase or sentence (in former times, before punctuation marks were used) / punctuation / periods and commas / sentences and phrases
paired phrases (poetic device)
"Mr Democracy", phrase used during the May 4th Movement 五四運動|五四运动 / abbr. for 德謨克拉西|德谟克拉西 / see also 賽先生|赛先生
numerical answer (to a question in math.) / (Tw) (of troops) to shout numbers or phrases in unison (to keep in step or maintain morale)
to polish a phrase
compound phrase
to supply the answering phrase
form word / in Classical Chinese, the first character of phrase having auxiliary grammatical function
polite set phrases
(of an audio device) to repeat a recorded phrase (e.g. for language learning)
punctuation of a sentence (in former times, before punctuation marks were used) / period 句號|句号 and comma 逗號|逗号 / sentences and phrases
commonly used phrase / idiom / colloquial usage
the joy of matrimony (polite phrase referring to a young woman)
officialese / official routine / (old) (conventional phrase used in response to one's superior) in view of the above, we therefore...
pet phrase / regularly used expression / manner of speaking
adjectival phrase
ready-made phrase / unhelpful comment
polite set phrase / salutation / pleasantries
sweet words, beautiful phrases (idiom); hypocritical flattery
(old) to bow and utter polite phrases / to open the way (for a dignitary etc)
exclamation / exclamatory phrase
set phrase
phrase (linguistics)
mouth full of literary phrases / to spout the classics

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