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  *號* | 號* | *號
ordinal number / day of a month / mark / sign / business establishment / size / ship suffix / horn (wind instrument) / bugle call / assumed name / to take a pulse / classifier used to indicate number of people
  *月* | 月* | *月
moon / month / monthly / CL: 個|个, 輪|轮
  *日* | 日* | *日
sun / day / date, day of the month
  *子* | 子* | *子
son / child / seed / egg / small thing / 1st earthly branch: 11 p.m.-1 a.m., midnight, 11th solar month (7th December to 5th January), year of the Rat / Viscount, fourth of five orders of nobility 五等爵位 / ancient Chinese compass point: 0° (north)
  *季* | 季* | *季
season / the last month of a season / fourth or youngest amongst brothers / classifier for seasonal crop yields
  *正* | 正* | *正
first month of the lunar year
  *未* | 未* | *未
not yet / did not / have not / not / 8th earthly branch: 1-3 p.m., 6th solar month (7th July-6th August), year of the Sheep / ancient Chinese compass point: 210°
  *底* | 底* | *底
background / bottom / base / end (of the month, year etc) / remnants / (math.) radix / base
May / fifth month (of the lunar year)
June / sixth month (of the lunar year)
each month
July / seventh month (of the lunar year)
September / ninth month (of the lunar year)
  *申* | 申* | *申
to extend / to state / to explain / 9th earthly branch: 3-5 p.m., 7th solar month (7th August-7th September), year of the Monkey / ancient Chinese compass point: 240°
August / eighth month (of the lunar year)
March / third month (of the lunar year)
January / first month (of the lunar year)
Dragon Boat Festival (5th day of the 5th lunar month)
  *午* | 午* | *午
7th earthly branch: 11 a.m.-1 p.m., noon, 5th solar month (6th June-6th July), year of the Horse / ancient Chinese compass point: 180° (south)
February / second month (of the lunar year)
first day of the month / toilet / (slang) top (in a homosexual relationship)
the Mid-Autumn Festival on 15th of 8th lunar month
November / eleventh month (of the lunar year)
  *孟* | 孟* | *孟
first month of a season / eldest amongst brothers
December / twelfth month (of the lunar year)
end of the month
  *仲* | 仲* | *仲
second month of a season / middle / intermediate / second amongst brothers
April / fourth month (of the lunar year)
the sun and moon / day and month / every day and every month / season / life and livelihood
October / tenth month (of the lunar year)
the Mid-autumn festival, the traditional moon-viewing festival on the 15th of the 8th lunar month
this month / the current month
middle of month
months and year / time / days of one's life
  *辰* | 辰* | *辰
5th earthly branch: 7-9 a.m., 3rd solar month (5th April-4th May), year of the Dragon / ancient Chinese compass point: 120°
on that month
the same month
full moon / whole month / baby's one-month old birthday
  *朔* | 朔* | *朔
beginning / first day of lunar month / north
  *浣* | 浣* | *浣
to wash / to rinse / any of three 10-day division of the month (during Tang dynasty) / Taiwan pr. [huan3] / also pr. [wan3]
full moon / first full moon after birth (i.e. entering the second month)
next month
traditional one-month confinement period following childbirth / puerperium
double seven festival, evening of seventh of lunar seventh month / girls' festival / Chinese Valentine's day, when Cowherd and Weaving maid 牛郎織女|牛郎织女 are allowed their annual meeting
last month
  *臘* | 臘* | *臘
12th lunar month / preserved (meat, fish etc)
Double Ninth or Yang Festival / 9th day of 9th lunar month
start of month / early in the month
middle third of a month
  *寅* | 寅* | *寅
3rd earthly branch: 3-5 a.m., 1st solar month (4th February-5th March), year of the Tiger / ancient Chinese compass point: 60°
first day of lunar month / New Year's Day / first year in junior middle school
one's birth data for astrological purposes, combined from year, month, day, hour, heavenly trunk and earthly branch
Lantern Festival / night of the 15th of the first lunar month / see also 元夜 / sticky rice dumplings
every month
Lantern Festival, the final event of the Spring Festival 春節|春节, on 15th of first month of the lunar calendar
first month (of either lunar or Western calendars)
midsummer / second month of summer
last month
the fifth / fifth day of a month
to convalesce for a month following childbirth, following a special diet, and observing various taboos to protect the body from exposure to the "wind"
2nd day of the month
2nd year in junior middle school / 2nd day of a lunar month / 2nd day of lunar New Year
  *亥* | 亥* | *亥
12th earthly branch: 9-11 p.m., 10th solar month (7th November-6th December), year of the Boar / ancient Chinese compass point: 330°
  *卯* | 卯* | *卯
mortise (slot cut into wood to receive a tenon) / 4th earthly branch: 5-7 a.m., 2nd solar month (6th March-4th April), year of the Rabbit / ancient Chinese compass point: 90° (east) / variant of 鉚|铆 / to exert one's strength
  *丑* | 丑* | *丑
clown / 2nd earthly branch: 1-3 a.m., 12th solar month (6th January to 3rd February), year of the Ox / ancient Chinese compass point: 30°
  *銑* | 銑* | *銑
shining metal / (old) the 16th of the month (abbreviation used in telegrams)
next month
first month of the lunar year
last third of the month
  *酉* | 酉* | *酉
10th earthly branch: 5-7 p.m., 8th solar month (8th September-7th October), year of the Rooster / ancient Chinese compass point: 270° (west)
the Lantern Festival (15th of first month of lunar calendar)
  *巳* | 巳* | *巳
6th earthly branch: 9-11 a.m., 4th solar month (5th May-5th June), year of the Snake / ancient Chinese compass point: 150°
monthly / in a single month
several months
Double Ninth or Yang Festival / 9th day of 9th lunar month
10th month of the lunar calendar / Indian summer / crops sown in late autumn
Ghost Festival on 15th day of 7th lunar month when offerings are made to the deceased
end of month / late in the month
September / ninth month
Ghost Festival on 15th day of 7th lunar month when offerings are made to the deceased
lunar month of 30 days / same as 大盡|大尽
intercalary month in the lunar calendar / leap month
15th of the month
month / also written 月份
first third of a month
period of time (may be months, or mere seconds) / spare time / skill / labor / effort
solar month of 31 days / a lunar month of 30 days
  *戌* | 戌* | *戌
11th earthly branch: 7-9 p.m., 9th solar month (8th October-6th November), year of the Dog / ancient Chinese compass point: 300°
thirteenth day of a month
  *閏* | 閏* | *閏
intercalary / an extra day or month inserted into the lunar or solar calendar (such as February 29)
early autumn / 7th month of the lunar calendar
Buddha's Birthday (8th day of the 4th Lunar month)
end of the month
twelfth lunar month
month-by-month / monthly / on a monthly basis
Qixi Festival or Double Seven Festival on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month / girls' festival / Chinese Valentine's day, when Cowherd and Weaving maid 牛郎織女|牛郎织女 are allowed their annual meeting
half-moon / the 7th and 8th and 22nd and 23rd of the lunar month
final month of winter (i.e. twelfth month of lunar calendar)
worker employed by the month

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