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  *墨* | 墨* | *墨
ink stick / China ink / CL: 塊|块 / corporal punishment consisting of tattooing characters on the victim's forehead
  *膏* | 膏* | *膏
to moisten / to grease / to apply (cream, ointment) / to dip a brush in ink
rendering (computing) / to add washes of ink or color to a drawing (Chinese painting) / to exaggerate / to embellish
  *錠* | 錠* | *錠
(weaving) spindle / ingot / pressed cake of medicine etc / classifier for: gold and silver ingots, ink sticks
ink / CL:
printing ink
  *硯* | 硯* | *硯
ink (used in painting)
ink and wash painting
red ink paste used for seal
  *蘸* | 蘸* | *蘸
to dip in (ink, sauce etc)
pen and ink / words / writing
to describe (in writing, applying ink)
ink cartridge
felt-tip pen / roller ball pen / gel ink pen
ink jet
inked line / carpenter's straight line marker (an inked cord stretched tight then lowered onto timber)
prepared Chinese ink
ink cartridge
shaggy ink cap (edible mushroom) / Coprinus comatus
line drawing in traditional ink and brush style / simple and straightforward style of writing
those who handle cinnabar are stained red; those who work with ink are stained black (idiom) / you are the product of your environment
carpenter's straight line marker (an inked cord stretched tight then lowered onto timber)
high-quality ink stonemade in Duanxi and Guangdong
ink stick
to obliterate (some words, or part of a picture etc) using correction fluid, ink, paint etc / to paint out / to paint over
(concave) ink stone or ink slab
ink stone / ink slab
ink marks / original calligraphy or painting of famous person
seal case / box for seal and ink pad
ink pad / stamp pad
ink stone or ink slab made from an antique palace tile
Anhui ink (known for its quality)
writing brush and ink stone
ink stone / writing as a livelihood
to infect / to influence / to dip (in ink)
the palest ink is better than the best memory (idiom)
ink slab / ink stone
ink stain / ink blot / spot / smudge
ink stone / ink slab / CL:
antique ink slab / CL:
small cup for adding water to an ink stone
to dip the pen into ink / to write
case for an ink slab
to wash an ink-slab / to prepare for study (idiom)
case for an ink stone or ink slab
ink slab and sitting mat / place where one studies and teaches
ink stone made of pottery
ink slab
to grind one's way through an ink stone / to persevere in a difficult task (idiom) / to study diligently (idiom)
to destroy one's ink-slab / to write no more because others write so much better (idiom)
ink supply mechanism
ink slab or ink stone of celadon or white porcelain with unglazed surface
ink slabs from a place in Shandong
water container for an ink slab

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