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  *東* | 東* | *東
east / host (i.e. sitting on east side of guest) / landlord
visitor / guest / customer / client / CL:
drawing room (room for arriving guests) / living room / CL: 間|间
esteemed guest / honored guest / guest (on a show)
hospitality / to treat guests well / to enjoy having guests / hospitable / friendly
to receive (guests) / to entertain / reception
  *客* | 客* | *客
customer / visitor / guest
  *桌* | 桌* | *桌
table / desk / classifier for tables of guests at a banquet etc
tavern / guest house / inn / hotel
traveler / tourist / (online gaming) guest player
to see in the New Year / to welcome new guests / by extension, to receive new students
everybody / all (guests, colleagues etc) / all of you
guest room
  *賓* | 賓* | *賓
visitor / guest / object (in grammar)
honored guest / distinguished guest / VIP
guest / visitor
guests / visitors
to appear on stage in an amateur capacity / (of a professional) to make a guest appearance / (fig.) to assume a role outside one's usual duties / to substitute for
to give a dinner party / to entertain guests / to invite to dinner
to be a guest or visitor
to host a banquet / guest at a banquet
to follow with one's eyes (a departing guest etc)
light bulb / (slang) unwanted third guest
guest house / small hotel
to resist / to ward off / to hold one's own / to receive guests
public lecture (with guest speakers etc)
to treat sb with the formal courtesy accorded to a host or a guest
to start / to put one's hand to / to set about / the seat to the right of the main guest
guests feel at home (in a hotel, guest house etc) / a home away from home
  *酢* | 酢* | *酢
toast to host by guest
uninvited or unexpected guest
to put up a guest / to stay overnight
to greet and usher in (guests, newcomers etc) / (Buddhism) to receive into the Pure Land
Hongmen feast / (fig.) banquet set up with the aim of murdering a guest / refers to a famous episode in 206 BC when future Han emperor Liu Bang 劉邦|刘邦 escaped attempted murder by his rival Xiang Yu 項羽|项羽
Stay a bit! / Wait a minute! / (to a departing guest) Take care!
foreign guest / international visitor
  *迓* | 迓* | *迓
to receive (as a guest)
to receive guests / to receive patrons (of prostitutes)
lit. inn that kills and robs guests (esp. in traditional fiction) / fig. a scam / protection racket / daylight robbery
(said by departing guest) no need to see me out
lit. the guest acts as host (idiom); fig. to turn from passive to active behavior
(polite appellation for a guest at a hotel etc)
to solicit (guests, clients, passengers etc) / to importune
lit. the voice of the guest overwhelms that of the host (idiom) / fig. a minor player upstages the main attraction / minor details obscure the main point / the sauce is better than the fish
guest and host
to welcome a guest / to entertain a customer (of prostitute)
to serve tea (to guests)
web user / guest user
to offer a cigarette (to a guest)
both the guests and the hosts thoroughly enjoy themselves (idiom)
passing traveler / transient guest / sojourner
(coll.) (Tw) troublesome customer / obnoxious guest (from Taiwanese 漚客, Tai-lo pr. [àu-kheh])
to live in a foreign place / to live somewhere as a guest
to get hyped up in front of an audience / (of children) to play up in front of guests
guest-house / inn
to ask a guest to stay / to detain a guest
guest (to a wedding etc)
lit. to meet those arriving, to send of those departing (idiom); busy entertaining guests / all time taken over with social niceties
disturbing the privacy of bridal room (Chinese custom where guests banter with and play pranks on the newlyweds)
guest of honor
room to meet guests / parlor
to entertain a guest
guests / invited friends
to decline to meet a visitor / to express one's gratitude to one's guests
to be a guest at a dinner party / to be wined and dined (as a bribe)
guest from afar
banquet where guests arrive at various times and are served with food as they arrive
seat (at banquet) / by ext. guest of honor
special guest performer (in a show) / special guest appearance (in film credits)
lit. to open an inn that kills and robs guests (esp. in traditional fiction) / fig. to carry out a scam / to run a protection racket / daylight robbery
guests filled the hall (idiom); a house full of distinguished visitors
guest room
lit. asking guests whether or not to butcher a chicken for them (idiom) / fig. hypocritical show of affection (or hospitality)
visiting professor / guest professor
uninvited (guest) / unexpected (appearance) / unwanted presence
guest from the same country / internal or domestic visitor (as opposed to international guest 外賓|外宾)
negligent (towards guests)
guest of honor / host and guests
guests filled all the seats (idiom); a house full of distinguished visitors
to live somewhere as a visitor / to stay with sb as a guest / to sojourn
to take care of / to raise money / to attend to (guests, customers etc)
lit. shoes and slippers muddled together (idiom); fig. many guests come and go / a lively party
to receive (guests, clients) / to interact socially with
male guest at party
to treat each other as an honored guest (idiom) / mutual respect between husband and wife
hotel guest / tenant
(of distinguished guest) honor my house (firm etc) with your presence
lit. a chicken and a bottle of wine (idiom); fig. ready to make an offering to the deceased, or to entertain guests
guests filled the hall (idiom); a house full of distinguished visitors
lit. a chicken and a bottle of wine (idiom); fig. ready to make an offering to the deceased, or to entertain guests
to arrive without invitation / unexpected guest / unwanted presence
lit. to offer three kinds of tea and six different dishes / to be extremely considerate towards guests (idiom)

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