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congratulations / greetings
picking up and dropping off / greeting and sending off / shuttle (transport service)
greeting card / congratulation card
to give one's respects / to send a greeting
to express sympathy, greetings, consolation etc
Good afternoon! / Hello (daytime greeting)
to extend New Year's greetings / to pay a New Year's visit
to mutually send greetings / to communicate / to exchange news
May you have a prosperous New Year! (New Year's greeting)
ushering in wealth and prosperity (idiom and traditional greeting, esp. at New Year); We wish you wealth and success!
to return a greeting / to send a gift in return
to send one's greetings / to send best regards / to devote attention to
to exchange conventional greetings / to talk about the weather
New Year greeting card
to express / to present / to extend / to tender (greetings, thanks etc)
to cup one's hands in obeisance or greeting / (fig.) submissive
to put one's palms together (in prayer or greeting)
interrogation / greeting
polite greeting / civilities / to exchange pleasantries
to kowtow (traditional greeting, esp. to a superior, involving kneeling and pressing one's forehead to the ground)
to kowtow (traditional greeting, esp. to a superior, involving kneeling and pressing one's forehead to the ground) / also written 磕頭|磕头
please treat me kindly (conventional greeting on first meeting)
conventional greeting / polite formula
polite phrase / conventional greetings / cliché / to try to worm facts out of sb
to accept a gift / to acknowledge greetings
to exchange conventional greetings / to exchange pleasantries
to put one's palms together (in prayer or greeting) / to work with a common purpose / harmonious / convenient (to use)
to clasp hands in greeting
business is auspicious / conventional greeting at the foot of a letter: May your business go well!
May you have peace year after year (New Year's greeting)
letter of congratulations / greeting card (e.g. for New Year)
season's greetings (idiom)
polite congratulations (i.e. on a greeting card)
may you live a long and happy life together (wedding greeting)
We wish you long life and riches! (idiom, conventional greeting)
Greeting Pine, symbol of Mt Huang 黃山

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