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  *格* | 格* | *格
square / frame / rule / (legal) case / style / character / standard / pattern / (grammar) case / (classical) to obstruct / to hinder / (classical) to arrive / to come / (classical) to investigate / to study exhaustively
  *量* | 量* | *量
capacity / quantity / amount / to estimate / abbr. for 量詞|量词, classifier (in Chinese grammar) / measure word
  *態* | 態* | *態
(bound form) / appearance / shape / form / state / attitude / (grammar) voice
  *賓* | 賓* | *賓
visitor / guest / object (in grammar)
to decorate / to adorn / to dress up / to polish (a written piece) / to qualify or modify (grammar)
person (first person, second person etc in grammar) / called / known as
transitive (grammar)
to overlap / to superimpose / to telescope / to run together / to duplicate / one over another / superposition / an overlap / redundancy / reduplication (in Chinese grammar, e.g. 散散步 to have a stroll)
positive odd number (also written 奇數|奇数) / singular (grammar)
sentence pattern (in grammar)
phrase / clause (grammar)
  *羌* | 羌* | *羌
muntjac / grammar particle indicating nonsense (classical)
present participle (in English grammar)
classifier (in Chinese grammar) / measure word
postposition (grammar)
phrase (grammar)
idiom / idiomatic expression / habitual form of speech (grammar)
third person (grammar)
to place after (e.g. in grammar) / postposition
question (grammar) / interrogative sentence
past participle (in European grammar)
clause (grammar)
countable noun (in grammar of European languages)
voice (grammar)
simple sentence (grammar)
parallelism (grammar)
object (grammar)
honorific (e.g. in grammar of oriental languages)
accusative case (grammar)
(grammar) number plus classifier / household (in census)
defective sentence / error (of grammar or logic)
subject (in grammar)
infinitive (grammar)
article (in grammar)
case change (in grammar)
uncountable noun (in grammar of European languages)
complement (grammar)
past tense (grammar)
infix (grammar), particle attached within a word or expression
to use (an animal or servant) / working (animal) / (beast) of burden / causative form of verbs (esp. in grammar of Japanese, Korean etc)
perfect tense (grammar)
clause (in European grammar)
article (in grammar)
term of respect / honorific title / honorific (in grammar)
reported speech (in grammar)
term of esteem / honorific (in Chinese grammar) / polite form of pronoun (in European grammar)
genitive case (in grammar)
predicate (in logic and grammar)
possessive case (grammar)
nominative case (grammar)
vocative case (grammar)
word ending / suffix / inflection (grammar)
modest word (grammar)
common noun (grammar)
contraction (in grammar) / abbreviation
subject-verb-object SVO or subject-predicate-object sentence pattern (e.g. in Chinese grammar)
(grammar) modifier / qualifier / adjunct
subjunctive mood (grammar)
indirect object (grammar)
direct object (grammar)
nominal classifier (in Chinese grammar) / measure word applying mainly to nouns
separable word (in Chinese grammar)
subject-object-verb SOV or subject-object-predicate sentence pattern (e.g. in Japanese or Korean grammar)
suffix (in Japanese and Korean grammar)
definite article (grammar)
to inflect (in grammar) / to decline / to conjugate
instrumental case (grammar)
hanging participle (error of grammar in English)
verbal classifier (in Chinese grammar) / measure word applying mainly to verbs
modifier (grammar)
traditional parts of speech (grammar)
premodifier (grammar)
postmodifier (grammar)
possessive (in grammar)
determiner (in grammar, i.e. article, demonstrative, possessive pronoun, noun genitive etc)

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