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  *更* | 更* | *更
to change or replace / to experience / one of the five two-hour periods into which the night was formerly divided / watch (e.g. of a sentry or guard)
fresh (experience, food etc) / freshness / novel / uncommon
experience / CL: 個|个, / to experience / to go through
experience / to experience
  *嚐* | 嚐* | *嚐
to taste; to experience (variant of 嘗|尝)
  *嘗* | 嘗* | *嘗
to taste; to try (food) / to experience / (literary) ever; once
  *曬* | 曬* | *曬
(of the sun) to shine on / to bask in (the sunshine) / to dry (clothes, grain etc) in the sun / (fig.) to expose and share (one's experiences and thoughts) on the Web (loanword from "share") / (coll.) to give the cold shoulder to
to experience for oneself
to sense / perception / to feel (through the senses) / to experience / a feeling / an impression / an experience
to know from experience / to learn through experience / to realize / understanding / experience
what one has learned (through experience, reading etc) / knowledge / insight / understanding / tips / CL: 項|项, 個|个
to meet with / to encounter / (bitter) experience
narrow / tight / narrow minded / lacking in experience
to be jolted around (car on a bumpy road, boat on a rough sea, aircraft experiencing turbulence) / (fig.) to undergo a rough experience
what one has seen and heard / knowledge / one's experience
to draw on (others' experience) / to learn from (how others do things) / lesson to be learned (by observing others)
  *涉* | 涉* | *涉
(literary) to wade across a body of water / (bound form) to experience / to undergo / to be involved / to concern
  *體* | 體* | *體
body / form / style / system / substance / to experience / aspect (linguistics)
to play fast and loose with the law / to game the system / (leisure) rules of the game / way of doing an activity / (tourism) way of experiencing a place
to fully experience (good or bad)
  *齡* | 齡* | *齡
age / length of experience, membership etc
  *閱* | 閱* | *閱
to inspect / to review / to read / to peruse / to go through / to experience
one's life experience / one's lot / one's past history
the day after tomorrow / life after birth (the period in which one develops through experiences, contrasted with 先天) / acquired (not innate or congenital) / a posteriori
to journey to India on a quest for the Buddhist scriptures / to learn by studying another's experience
to experience; to go through
  *歷* | 歷* | *歷
to experience / to undergo / to pass through / all / each / every / history
to get over (a traumatic experience, misgivings etc)
(idiom) to experience it for oneself / to actually *be* there (as opposed to reading about it etc)
to gain first-hand knowledge of sth / to experience for oneself / knowledge / experience / insight
much obliged / thank you / to ask advice / (ironically or humorously) to experience / to taste
to be at the scene (sitting for an exam, performing, competing, giving directions etc) / firsthand (experience) / impromptu (remarks etc)
sophisticate / man with extensive experience / child prodigy / Wunderkind (i.e. brilliant child) / spirit within a person (i.e. blood and essential breath 血氣|血气 of TCM)
qualifications / experience / seniority
to have a change of weather (esp. for the worse) / (fig.) to experience a major upheaval; to undergo sweeping change
to learn through experience / experience / practiced / experienced
to experience a power outage; to have a power failure
to have long experience of / to go through repeatedly
age and experience / seniority
to experience / to observe
to experience together with sb
the frog at the bottom of the well (idiom) / fig. a person of limited outlook and experience
lit. cutting and polishing (idiom) / fig. to learn by exchanging ideas or experiences
to talk from one's personal experience / to use oneself as an example
army life (idiom) / the experience of war
(Tw) to draw on (others' experience) / to learn from (how others do things) / lesson to be learned (by observing others)
déjà vu (the experience of seeing exactly the same situation a second time) / seemingly familiar / apparently already acquainted
personal experience
to experience / experience
(of objects) to fall / to drop / to droop / (medicine) to experience tenesmus
to be more scared than hurt (idiom) / to get through a daunting experience without mishap
to enjoy fully / to experience to the full over a long period
to pass on experience (to the next generation)
Granny Liu visits the Grand View gardens / (of a simple person) to be overwhelmed by new experiences and luxurious surroundings
lit. an easy drive on a familiar path (idiom); fig. experience makes progress easy / a task that is so familiar one can do it with one's hand tied behind one's back
to gain knowledge and experience
joy of first experience (idiom) / the pleasure of reading sth for the first time
lit. the salted fish turns over (idiom) / fig. to experience a reversal of fortune
(of a cadre etc) to work for a period of time with a grassroots unit to gain firsthand experience / (dialect) taking a crap
to learn from experience (coll.)
knowledge and experience
a person with knowledge and experience (idiom)
to see the world / to go out into society / to gain experience
to experience adventures
old and decrepit / proud of one's age and experience (idiom)
to eat meat after having maintained a vegetarian diet / (fig.) to do sth as a novel experience
to work in the fields (esp. young school-leavers) / forced agricultural experience for city intellectuals
to pass on scripture / to teach Confucian doctrine / to pass on one's experience
full of political wisdom (idiom) / politically astute / with encyclopedic experience of state policy
to revive old dreams (idiom); to relive past experiences
(literary) brief obituary / one's past experience / one's past record / Taiwan pr. [xing4 zhuang4]
years of teaching experience / teaching experience
lit. an old horse knows the way home (idiom); fig. in difficulty, trust an experience colleague
experienced / with ample experience
to think of the pain when the pain is gone (idiom) / to ponder about a painful experience
lit. a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow (idiom) / fig. sb who frightens easily, due to past experiences
to take in (old and new experiences and sorrows)
sb who has come back to China after gaining overseas experience (a pun on 海龜|海龟) / to return to China after a period of study or work overseas
to experience
lit. pale-faced scholar (idiom); young and inexperienced person without practical experience / still wet behind the ears
camaraderie between persons who have gone through some experience in the same year
person who shares their experiences and thoughts with others on the Internet
you can't gain knowledge without practical experience (idiom) / wisdom only comes with experience
don't forget past events, they can guide you in future (idiom); benefit from past experience
to form and train (a military unit) / to create and practice (a martial art) / to train oneself (by real-life experience)
to experience one's full share of sorrows (idiom)
the person who drinks it knows best whether the water is hot or cold (Zen proverb); self-awareness comes from within / to know best by personal experience
member of a group who have gone through some experience in the same year
to go through challenging experiences / to become seasoned (in one's profession etc)
deposits accumulated over long periods / fig. valuable experience, accumulated wisdom
(idiom) to have a bad experience as a customer / to encounter poor service
Knowledge comes from books and from experience of the world. (idiom) / Learn as much as you can and do all you can.
to possess limited experience and knowledge (idiom)
knowledge and experience
to experience good luck
extra-empirical / outside one's experience
past experience
out-of-body experience
length of experience as a driver
to experience / to realize / to comprehend

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