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  *課* | 課* | *課
subject / course / CL: 門|门 / class / lesson / CL: , 節|节 / to levy / tax / form of divination
  *籤* | 籤* | *籤
inscribed bamboo stick (used in divination, gambling, drawing lots etc) / small wood sliver / label / tag
to perform divination with sticks / to draw lots / a ballot (in share dealing)
  *珓* | 珓* | *珓
pair of hemispherical objects used in divination
ancient Chinese divination tradition (still in use today)
poe divination, a traditional Chinese divination method where a pair of crescent-shaped wooden or bamboo blocks is thrown on the ground, with the positions of the blocks determining the divine answer
divination based on the eight characters of one's birth date
tax levied on a conquered people by an army / fee for a divination session / variant of 氪金, in-app purchase (gaming)
bypath / trail / bribery as a means of achieving a goal / minor arts (Confucian reference to agriculture, medicine, divination, and other professions unworthy of a gentleman)
divination / divinatory art
to practice divination
arts of healing, divination, horoscope etc / supernatural arts (old)
  *扐* | 扐* | *扐
divination by straw
tortoise shell and animal bones used in divination / oracle bone inscriptions (an early form of Chinese script)
divination combined with mystical Confucian philosopy, prevalent during the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220)
medicine and divination
form of divination similar to the Ouija board, in which participants use their forefingers to push a small saucer over a sheet of paper inscribed with numerous Chinese characters
to choose a capital by divination / to choose a home / to choose one's burial place by divination
oracle bone / bone used for divination, esp. animal scapula
to choose officials by divination (archaic) / to practice divination without a definite question
pair of mussel-shaped objects thrown on the ground for divination purposes
divination / fortune telling

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