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  *出* | 出* | *出
to go out / to come out / to occur / to produce / to go beyond / to rise / to put forth / to happen / (used after a verb to indicate an outward direction or a positive result) / classifier for dramas, plays, operas etc
  *科* | 科* | *科
branch of study / administrative section / division / field / branch / stage directions / family (taxonomy) / rules / laws / to mete out (punishment) / to levy (taxes etc) / to fine sb / CL: 個|个
to explain / to illustrate / to indicate / to show / to prove / explanation / directions / caption / CL: 個|个
  *往* | 往* | *往
to go (in a direction) / to / towards / (of a train) bound for / past / previous
  *向* | 向* | *向
towards / to face / to turn towards / direction / to support / to side with / shortly before / formerly / always / all along
  *轉* | 轉* | *轉
to turn / to change direction / to transfer / to forward (mail)
  *方* | 方* | *方
square / power or involution (math.) / upright / honest / fair and square / direction / side / party (to a contract, dispute etc) / place / method / prescription (medicine) / just when / only or just / classifier for square things / abbr. for square or cubic meter
to guide / to show / to point (the way) / directions / guidance / guidelines
strategy / directions / guide / how-to
  *折* | 折* | *折
to break / to fracture / to snap / to suffer loss / to bend / to twist / to turn / to change direction / convinced / to convert into (currency) / discount / rebate / tenth (in price) / classifier for theatrical scenes / to fold / accounts book
(technical) manual / (book of) directions / synopsis (of a play or film) / specification (patent) / CL:
direction / orientation / path to follow / CL: 個|个
to guide / to give directions / to direct / to coach / guidance / tuition / CL: 個|个
the whole journey / all the way / going the same way / going in the same direction / of the same kind
mien / bearing / grace / amorous feelings / flirtatious expressions / local conditions and customs / wind force, direction etc
to change direction / fig. to change one's stance
four-way / four-sided / in all directions / everywhere
direction / strike (i.e. angle of inclination in geology) / inclination / trend / to move towards / to head for
opposite direction / reverse
wind direction / the way the wind is blowing / fig. trends (esp. unpredictable ones) / how things are developing / course of events
the six directions (north, south, east, west, up, down) / the whole country / the universe / everything under the sun
backwards / reverse direction
all over the place / everywhere and all directions
the four social bonds: propriety, justice, integrity and honor / see 禮義廉恥|礼义廉耻 / the four directions / the four limbs (Chinese medicine) / four-dimensional
focus / direction / purpose / relevance
to point towards / aimed at / facing / the direction indicated
ingredients (in a cooking recipe) / to mix materials according to directions
running in opposite direction (buses, trains, ferries etc)
direction / trend / to incline
conversely / in reverse order / in an opposite direction
to be at the scene (sitting for an exam, performing, competing, giving directions etc) / firsthand (experience) / impromptu (remarks etc)
orientation / direction
forward (direction) / positive (thinking, mood, values etc)
the eight points of the compass / all directions
direction / points of the compass / bearing / position / azimuth
to point out / to indicate / to give directions / to show how (to do sth) / to censure / to pick at
to turn one's head / to change direction / U-turn / volte face / to repent
radial (direction)
course / direction (a ship or plane is heading in)
to make an about-turn / to reverse one's direction, policy, sequence etc / to turn things on their head
to ask for directions / to ask the way (to some place)
to look in all directions (idiom) / to glance around
wind direction / the way the wind blows / fig. trend / direction of events / how things develop (esp. how they affect oneself) / public opinion (concerning one's actions) / publicity (usually derog.) / limelight
(of watercourses) source and direction of flow / origin and development
five directions, namely: east 東|东, south , west 西, north and middle
to go round a curve / to turn a corner / fig. a new direction
roads open in all directions (idiom); accessible from all sides
in all directions / all around / far and near
sense of direction
(Tw) to guide sb in the right direction / to correct (behavior etc)
(of droplets, sparks etc) to fly about in all directions / to splatter everywhere
east, south, west and north / all directions
person with a poor sense of direction
road direction / (fig.) direction / path
to reassign sb to a different job / to turn around / to change direction / to make a U turn
  *垔* | 垔* | *垔
to restrain / to dam a stream and change its direction / a mound
to disperse / to scatter in all directions
  *曏* | 曏* | *曏
variant of / direction / orientation / to face / to turn toward / to / towards / shortly before / formerly
in all directions
direction of cleavage (e.g. of slate)
change of string, move out of rut (idiom); dramatic change of direction / to dance to a different tune
to scatter in all directions
lit. fire beacons in all four directions (idiom); the confusion of war
the five directions 五方 east, south, west, north and middle
when things reach an extreme, they can only move in the opposite direction (idiom)
lit. the eyes observe all sides and the ears listen in all directions (idiom) / fig. to be observant and alert
lit. to direct blindly / to issue confused orders / to give contradictory directions
lit. the eyes watch six roads and the ears listen in all directions / to be observant and alert (idiom)
all things tend in one direction (idiom)
to turn / to adjust one's direction / to lose one's bearings
tangent direction
to disseminate in every direction (idiom)
to run in the opposite direction (idiom); to run counter to
to scatter like birds and beasts (idiom) / to flee in all directions
constantly increasing without limit (idiom); rapid progress in all directions
banging away clumsily in all directions with no overall vision
to bring in the new (idiom); new directions, different creation
to spray in all directions
to give directions
all parties (in a dispute etc) / all sides / all directions
lit. fire beacons in all four directions (idiom); the confusion of war
the fire of war in all four directions (idiom); the confusion of war
complete change from the old rut (idiom); dramatic change of direction / a volte-face / to change old practices
sudden attack from the opposite direction (idiom)
to attack from an unexpected direction

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