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  *叫* | 叫* | *叫
to shout / to call / to order / to ask / to be called / by (indicates agent in the passive mood)
to be called / to be known as
to shout / to yell / (telecommunications) to call
to awaken / to wake sb up / to rouse
yelling (sound made by person) / barking / braying / roaring (sound made by animals)
call center
to screech / to shriek
called / named
to cry out in ecstasy (during lovemaking)
to hawk (one's wares) / to peddle
to give sb a wake-up call (at a hotel)
to call / to be called
rooster / cock / (slang) (Cantonese) to visit a prostitute
(coll.) to holler / to squawk
to applaud / to cheer
to inconsiderately shout
to hoot
to scream / blood-curdling screech / miserable shriek
to shout / to bellow one's grievances
shouting and screaming (idiom); to scream loudly / to rant / to kick up a racket / to conduct vigorous propaganda
to challenge an opponent to a fight
sound made by an empty stomach
to howl
to signal the musicians (in Chinese opera, by prolonging a spoken word before attacking a song) / (coll.) to challenge
(Tw) impressive (from Taiwanese 削削叫, POJ pr. [siah-siah-kiò])
exclamation / outcry / shout / yell
to emit a sound / (of birds, insects etc) to chirp, hoot etc / (of a siren, steam whistle etc) to sound
to be available at any time / to be on call
to cry out in fear
to gain fame and success
to cry out / to bark out a sound
to cry out / to shout
to whine about hardships / to complain of one's bitter lot / to complain / to grumble
to bark / to yelp
to shout and quarrel / to make a big fuss
to whine on for days (idiom) / to endlessly grumble complaints / incessant whining
to complain of an injustice / to lament sb's misfortune
excellent / tip-top
to whinny (of a horse) / to neigh / to shout
  *呌* | 呌* | *呌
variant of
to complain without stopping (idiom); to bitch endlessly / incessant grievances
to call / to shout
to shout loudly
pager / beeper
hum / drone / buzz (of insects)
(coll.) male donkey
to growl / to howl
to complain bitterly
variant of 呱呱叫
to feign and complain bitterly of being poverty stricken (idiom)
lit. slap the table and shout with praise (idiom); fig. wonderful! / amazing! / great!
to caterwaul / to call like an animal in heat
to bid (bridge and similar card games)
(of owls) to hoot or screech
variant of 叫花子
morning call / wake-up call (hotel service)

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