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  *輸* | 輸* | *輸
to lose / to transport / to donate / to enter (a password)
to import / to input
to transport / to carry / transportation
to transmit / transmission
to export / to output
input method
transmission line
public transport (Tw)
to lose
to concede / to admit defeat
to transport / to convey / to deliver
to lose to (sb) / to be outdone by
win or loss / outcome
data transmission
data transmission
electricity transmission / to transmit electricity
lit. if you agree to bet you must accept to lose / fig. you bet, you pay
export item / product for export
to make use of one's position to gain profit for oneself or one's associates
power output (of an electrical device etc)
conveyor belt
transmission technology
transport service
input device (computer)
Fallopian tube / oviduct
transmission facility / transmission equipment
transport ship
to imbue with / to inculcate / to instill into / to teach / to impart / to channel water to another place
freight or cargo transportation
to transfuse blood / to give aid and support
lose-lose (situation) / (of the two sides involved) to both be disadvantaged
transportation industry
to take defeat with bad grace / to be a sore loser / cannot afford to lose
input system / data entry system
vas deferens
transmission rate / transmission speed
transfer mode / transmission method
transmission distance
volume of freight
pipeline transport
transport layer
transmission medium
International Air Transport Association (IATA)
to concede / to admit defeat / to admit sth is wrong after insisting it is right
transport channel
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
transmission control
lit. in gambling, nine times out of ten you lose (idiom) / fig. gambling is a mug's game
transport ship
transfer protocol / transportation protocol
petroleum pipeline
transmission rate
(sediment) transport
intravenous infusion / to get put on an IV
to inject / infusion
Boshiamy (Hoklo: 無甚物 it's nothing) input method for Chinese
PRC Ministry of Transport (MOT)
vas efferens
transport network
One careless move and the whole game is lost. (idiom)
five stroke input method for Chinese characters by numbered strokes, invented by Wang Yongmin 王永民 in 1983
asynchronous transfer mode / ATM
China Communications and Transportation Association (CCTA)
quantity of sand (transported by a river) / sediment content
variant of 服輸|服输
belt conveyor
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
China Air Transport Association (CATA)
pay every ten days, give tribute every month (idiom); incessant and ever more complicated demands
to be in the wrong
transmission control protocol / TCP
asynchronous transfer mode / ATM
transmission medium
hypertext transfer protocol / HTTP
hypertext transfer protocol / HTTP
axonal transport
ink supply mechanism
to donate generously (idiom)
transport medium
invisible export
transport method
to transport / transportation
pipe / pipeline
peak power output (of an electrical device etc)

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