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Chinese language / CL: 門|门
  *漢* | 漢* | *漢
Han ethnic group / Chinese (language) / the Han dynasty (206 BC-220 AD)
  *漢* | 漢* | *漢
to sinicize / sinicization / (software) Chinese localization
Hamburg (German city)
hamburger (loanword)
Hanyu Pinyin, the romanization system used in the PRC since the 1960s
Chinese character / CL: 個|个 / Japanese: kanji / Korean: hanja / Vietnamese: hán tự
Wuhan city on Changjiang, subprovincial city and capital of Hubei province
Hankou, part of Wuhan 武漢|武汉 at the junction of Han river and Changjiang in Hubei
big person / the great Han dynasty
molester (loanword from Japanese "chikan") / idiot / fool
tramp / wanderer
Chinese written language / Chinese literature esp. as taught abroad
man / fellow / (dialect) husband
Eastern or later Han dynasty, 25-220
Hans (name) / Reims (city in France)
man of steel / unyielding, tough guy
Han ethnic group
hamburger (loanword)
man (i.e. manly, masculine)
Wuhan city on Changjiang, subprovincial city and capital of Hubei province
Hannah (name)
the Han dynasty (206 BC-220 AD)
Hanzhong prefecture-level city in Shaanxi
Robin Hood (English 12th century folk hero)
Burger King (fast food restaurant)
Han dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) / refers to the Western Han and Eastern Han
Hanseong, former name of Seoul (capital of South Korea), replaced in 2005 with 首爾|首尔
Han Chinese person or people
Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-8 AD), also called 前漢|前汉, Former Han Dynasty
Hanyang county in Hubei province / historical name Hanyang for Seoul, Korea
Nottingham (city in England)
intoxicated man / drunkard
History of the Former Han Dynasty, second of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史, composed by Ban Gu 班固 in 82 during Eastern Han (later Han), 100 scrolls
sinology / Chinese studies (in foreign schools) / Han Learning, a Qing dynasty movement aiming at a philological appraisal of the Classics
traditional Han Chinese dress
masculine woman
Shu Han (c. 200-263), Liu Bei's kingdom in Sichuan during the Three Kingdoms, claiming legitimacy as successor of Han
Emperor Wu of the Han dynasty (141-87 BC)
Buckingham Palace
the Qin (221-207 BC) and Han (206 BC-220 AD) dynasties
Hanchuan county level city in Xiaogan 孝感, Hubei
Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD)
Manchurian-Chinese (relations)
bachelor / unmarried man
traitor (to China)
Hansen or Hanson (name)
Han River
Hanyu Da Cidian, the largest Chinese dictionary, with over 375,000 word entries, first published 1986-1994
hero / strong and courageous person / CL: 條|条
monk fruit, the sweet fruit of Siraitia grosvenorii, a vine of the Curcubitaceae family native to southern China and northern Thailand, used in Chinese medicine
Former Han dynasty (206 BC-8 AD), also called 西漢|西汉, Western Han dynasty
Hamilton (name) / Hamilton, capital of Bermuda
old man / I (an old man referring to himself)
pre-Han / China before to 200 BC
the Manchu Han imperial feast, a legendary banquet in the Qing dynasty / (fig.) a sumptuous banquet
human pyramid
Emperor Xian of Han (181-234), the final Han emperor, set up by Dong Zhuo 董卓, reigned 189-220, forced to abdicate 220 by Cao Pi 曹丕
Tian Han (1898-1968), author of the words of the PRC national anthem March of the Volunteer Army 義勇軍進行曲|义勇军进行曲
History of Later Han dynasty, internal palace record by many 1st and 2nd century authors, 143 scrolls
Jianghan district of Wuhan city 武漢市|武汉市, Hubei
arhat (Sanskrit) / a holy man who has left behind all earthly desires and concerns and attained nirvana (Buddhism)
Wuhan University
hantavirus (Tw)
abbr. for 國家漢辦|国家汉办, Office of Chinese Language Council International
Later Han or Eastern Han dynasty (25-220) / Later Han of the Five Dynasties (947-950)
Hannan district of Wuhan city 武漢市|武汉市, Hubei
Jianghan district of Wuhan city 武漢市|武汉市, Hubei
Hannibal (name) / Hannibal Barca (247-183 BC), Carthaginian general
posthumous name of the first Han emperor Liu Bang 劉邦|刘邦 (256 or 247-195 BC), reigned 202-195 BC
overbearing fiend
Guanghan county level city in Deyang 德陽|德阳, Sichuan
traitor to one's love / heartless rat
Hanyu Da Zidian, one of the most comprehensive Chinese character dictionaries with 54,678 (and later 60,370) entries, first published between 1986-1990
Hanzhong prefecture-level city in Shaanxi
Beckenham or Beckham (name) / David Beckham (1975-), British midfield footballer
burly chap / husky fellow
Han River (Hanshui)
the Milky Way
sinologist / scholar of Chinese
Guan Hanqing (c. 1235-c. 1300), Yuan dynasty dramatist in the 雜劇|杂剧 tradition of musical comedy, one of the Four Great Yuan dramatists 元曲四大家
Emperor Wen of Han (202-157 BC), fourth Han emperor, personal name Liu Heng 劉恆|刘恒, reigned 180-157 BC
(coll.) he-man
Milky Way / our galaxy
peasant / farmer
fool / muddlehead / boor
Southern Han
Hanyuan county in Ya'an 雅安, Sichuan
idle fellow / lazybones
Graham or Graeme (name)
Han of the Five dynasties (951-979), one of ten kingdoms during the Five Dynasties, Ten Kingdoms period (907-960)
Milky Way / also called 銀河|银河

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