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to exclaim in admiration
  *嘆* | 嘆* | *嘆
to sigh / to exclaim
(idiom) to gasp in amazement / to acclaim as the peak of perfection
to sigh / to lament / to bewail
to sigh (with feeling) / to lament
to consider oneself as being not as good as the others
lamentable / sad(ly)
exclamation mark ! (punct.)
to exclaim in admiration / a gasp of surprise
to sigh / to gasp (in admiration)
exclamation mark ! (punct.)
to sigh / to heave a sigh
to sigh with regret / lament
long sigh / deep sigh
to exclaim in astonishment
sighing voice, wailing breath (idiom) / to heave deep sighs / to sigh in despair
(to gasp) with admiration
long moan and short gasp (idiom); continually moaning and groaning in pain
to bewail / to sigh mournfully / to lament
to be full of praise (idiom)
to astonish
sigh of regret
lit. to gaze at the ocean and lament one's inadequacy (idiom) / fig. to feel powerless and incompetent (to perform a task)
to look and sigh / to feel helpless / not knowing what to do
exclamation / expletive
to admire / to express admiration
interjection / exclamation
to admire inwardly
interjection (part of speech) / exclamation
to dismiss with a sigh (idiom); a hopeless case
lit. when one grass burns the other grass sighs (idiom); fig. to have sympathy with a like-minded person in distress
exclamation / exclamatory phrase
to stare at the ceiling in despair / to find no way out / nothing you can do about it / at the end of one's wits

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