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  *逸* | 逸* | *逸
to escape / leisurely / outstanding
to get sth done once and for all
easy and comfortable / easy
to strike a balance between work and rest (idiom)
recluse / hermit
graceful / elegant / to drift / to float
to escape / to run away / to abscond
to vaporize / to dispel
Dr Sun Yat-sen (1866-1925), first president of the Republic of China and co-founder of the Kuomintang / same as 孫中山|孙中山
above the common / outstanding / excelling / preeminent
to love ease and comfort and hate work (idiom)
anecdote / lost or apocryphal story about famous person
work and rest
to wait at one's ease for the exhausted enemy / to nurture one's strength and bide one's time (idiom)
variant of 軼聞|轶闻
to live in seclusion / reclusive / hermit / recluse
outstanding / above the common / out of the ordinary
free from worry and disturbance
escape velocity
extravagant and dissipated / decadent
idleness and pleasure
comfort and leisure
carefree / in the mood for enjoyment
to indulge in / dissipation / debauchery
rumor / anecdote (not in the official record) / apocryphal story
Run Run Shaw (1907-2014), Hong Kong movie and television tycoon
lit. kicking up the dust and breaking the harness / fig. to ride like the wind (idiom)
fresh and elegant

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