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domestic violence / abbr. for 家庭暴力
  *暴* | 暴* | *暴
surname Bao
  *暴* | 暴* | *暴
sudden / violent / cruel / to show or expose / to injure
violence / force / violent
storm / violent commotion / fig. crisis (e.g. revolution, uprising, financial crisis etc)
to expose / to reveal / to lay bare / also pr. [pu4 lu4]
torrential rain / rainstorm / CL: 場|场, 陣|阵
to suppress a riot / riot control
domestic violence
banking crisis / storm in financial circles
out of control / berserk / to go for a long walk
violent / to rape
storm wind / storm (force 11 wind)
to die suddenly
sudden huge profits
to fly into a rage / to rage violently
(of the sun) to scorch / to expose to a scorching sun
Tyrannosaurus spp. / esp. T. rex
insurrection / rebellion
to beat viciously
brutal / vicious / ruthless
to trend / to get popular quickly / sudden heat wave (weather)
(economics) to slump / steep fall (in value etc)
to use violence to curb violence
frantic / berserk
howling wind and torrential rain (idiom) / (fig.) difficult, dangerous situation
to increase sharply / to rise dramatically
irascible / irritable / violent
a mob of people
rainstorm / storm / tempest
snowstorm / blizzard / CL: 場|场
rough / cruel
savage act / outrage / atrocity
to suppress a riot / riot control
stamp with fury / fly into a rage
to gang rape
storm surge
dust devil
sand and dust storm
icy storm / hailstorm
to break out (of disease etc) / to suddenly get rich (or prominent)
buck teeth
to eliminate outlaws
variant of 暴躁
tropical storm
tyrant / despot
variant of 火爆
slam dunk (basketball)
tyranny / despotic rule
riot police / riot squad
to get rich quick
riot / rebellion / revolt
newly rich / parvenu / upstart
to eat too much / to binge
to waste natural resources recklessly / not to know how to use things sparingly
violent / fierce
bandit / thug / ruffian
violent wind and rainstorm / hurricane / tempest
die of sudden illness / die suddenly
brutal / tyrannical
rage comic
non-physical abuse / emotional abuse / the silent treatment
violent crime
Tyrannosauridae, the dinosaur family containing Tyrannosaurus
(attributive) terrorist
to root out the strong and give people peace (idiom); to rob the rich and give to the poor
thunderclap / (of a P2P lending platform) to collapse
rage comic
lit. fight tigers with one's bare hands and wade across raging rivers (idiom) / fig. to display foolhardy courage
to replace one tyranny by another / to use violence against violence
sudden attack of a serious illness
Heelys (roller shoes with wheels protruding slightly from the heel)
blizzard / snowstorm
brutal / violent
to overtax / to extort
berserker (fantasy role-playing)
violent method / brute force
a sudden, violent flood / flash flood
one day's sun, ten days' frost (idiom, from Mencius); fig. to work for a bit then skimp / sporadic effort / short attention span
not to submit to force (idiom); to defy threats and violence
to tax by force and extort levies (idiom); to screw taxes out of the people by force
Tyrannosaurus rex
windfall profit tax
genus Tyrannosaurus
riot shield
to lay bare / to come to light
to abandon oneself to despair / to give up and stop bothering
drunken gluttony (idiom); eating and drinking to excess
to eat and drink unreasonably
people who go on walks for exercise / (Tw) rebel youth motorcycle group

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