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  *龍* | 龍* | *龍
dragon / CL: 條|条 / imperial
faucet / tap
  *龍* | 龍* | *龍
surname Long
nylon (loanword)
Kowloon district of Hong Kong
dinosaur / CL: 頭|头 / (slang) ugly person
Kowloon City, Hong Kong
salon (loanword)
snake (as one of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals 生肖)
macaron, French pastry with a soft filling sandwiched between the meringue-based cookie shells (loanword)
Longfeng district of Daqing city 大慶|大庆, Heilongjiang
dragon and phoenix
Tyrannosaurus spp. / esp. T. rex
chinchilla / Totoro (anime character)
fiery dragon
Heilongjiang province (Heilungkiang) in northeast China, abbr. , capital Harbin 哈尔滨 / Heilongjiang river forming the border between northeast China and Russia / Amur river
lit. one dragon / integrated chain / coordinated process
tornado / hurricane / twister / cyclone
Longtan district of Jilin city 吉林市, Jilin province
Longtan district of Jilin city 吉林市, Jilin province / see also 龍潭|龙潭 / Longtan or Lungtan township in Taoyuan county 桃園縣|桃园县, north Taiwan
dragon pool / dragon pond / see also 龍潭|龙潭
faucet / water tap / bicycle handle bar / chief (esp. of gang) / boss / decision maker / (market) leader (of companies) / front end of mud-flow / figurehead on prow of dragon boat 龍船|龙船
Omron Corporation (Japanese electronics company)
dragon boat / imperial boat
Demigods and Semidevils, wuxia novel by Jin Yong 金庸 and its TV and screen adaptations
to form a long queue (idiom) / (of cars) to be bumper to bumper
Longmen county in Huizhou 惠州, Guangdong / mythical Dragon gate where a carp can transform into a dragon
Longhua, name of numerous entities, notably Longhua Temple 龍華寺|龙华寺 in Shanghai and Longhua District of Haikou City 海口市, Hainan
Longjing county level city in Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture 延邊朝鮮族自治州|延边朝鲜族自治州, Jilin / Lungching township in Taichung county 臺中縣|台中县, Taiwan / also Longjing tea 龍井茶|龙井茶
endless stream of horse and carriages (idiom) / heavy traffic
Longan district of Anyang city 安陽市|安阳市, Henan
long queue / long line (of cars, people etc)
to paint a dragon and dot in the eyes (idiom); fig. to add the vital finishing touch / the crucial point that brings the subject to life / a few words to clinch the point
lit. lively dragon and animated tiger (idiom) / fig. vigorous and lively
Citroën (French car manufacturer)
Longtan or Lungtan township in Taoyuan county 桃園縣|桃园县, north Taiwan
red pitaya / dragon fruit / dragon pearl fruit (genus Hylocereus)
agave (genus of plants) / Agave americana / tequila
black dragon / unexpected mistake or mishap / own goal (soccer) / oolong (tea) / (Tw) (loanword from Japanese) udon
Jackie Chan (1954-), kungfu film and Cantopop star
to succeed in life / to become somebody
Dragon Ball, Japanese manga and anime series
costume of minor characters in opera, featuring dragon designs / walk-on
lit. fish and dragons mixed in together (idiom); fig. crooks mixed in with the honest folk
Heilongjiang Province (Heilungkiang) in northeast China, abbr. , capital Harbin 哈爾濱|哈尔滨
one that has achieved the way / emperor
apatosaurus / former name: brontosaurus
udon (thick Japanese-style) wheat-flour noodles
courtesy name of Zhao Yun 趙雲|赵云, general of Shu in Romance of the Three Kingdoms
keel / dragon bones (ancient bones used in TCM)
Bruce Lee (1940-1973), Hong Kong actor and martial arts expert
longan fruit / dragon eye fruit / Dimocarpus longan (botany) / CL:
dragon's vein, terrain that looks like a dragon
Dragon mountain / Longshan district of Liaoyuan city 遼源市|辽源市, Jilin / Longshan county in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao autonomous prefecture 湘西土家族苗族自治州
Houlung town in Miaoli county 苗栗縣|苗栗县, northwest Taiwan
Lungchi township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan
hose / pipe / fire hose / (botany) water primrose (Jussiaea repens)
Shilong district of Pingdingshan city 平頂山市|平顶山市, Henan
Longgang district of Shenzhen City 深圳市, Guangdong
Longwan district of Wenzhou city 溫州市|温州市, Zhejiang
Hualong district of Puyang city 濮陽市|濮阳市, Henan
Panlong district of Kunming city 昆明市, Yunnan
a giant among men (idiom)
Tyrannosaurus rex
to ride the dragon / to die (of emperors and kings)
Azure Dragon, one of the four symbols of the Chinese constellations, also known as the Azure Dragon of the East 東方青龍|东方青龙 or 東方蒼龍|东方苍龙 / (slang) man without pubic hair
to promote (to official position in former times)
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
dragon dance
one-stop service
wyvern (type of dragon)
black nightshade (Solanum nigrum)
asparagus / (Tw) young shoots of the chayote vine 佛手瓜
Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, wuxia (武俠|武侠, martial arts chivalry) novel by Jin Yong 金庸 and its screen adaptations
Longli county in Qiannan Buyei and Miao autonomous prefecture 黔南州, Guizhou
(lit. and fig.) chameleon
cave / natural cavern (in limestone)
outstanding people / water and fire (in Daoist writing)
oolong tea
Dragon King (mythology)
to join the two sections (of a linear structure: bridge, dike etc) to complete its construction
crayfish / langoustine / chicken lobster
one-eyed person
Houlung town in Miaoli county 苗栗縣|苗栗县, northwest Taiwan
Hualong district of Puyang city 濮陽市|濮阳市, Henan
imperial chariot
Hong Kong Dragon Airlines (operating as Dragonair), Hong Kong-based international airline
Longyou county in Quzhou 衢州, Zhejiang
place in Shanghai / (coll.) male homosexual
Longgang district of Shenzhen City 深圳市, Guangdong
dragon lantern
Huanglong county in Yan'an 延安, Shaanxi
Stallone (name) / Sylvester Stallone (1946-), American actor
lit. a thunder of dragons without a head / fig. a group lacking a leader
dragon (as a decorative design)
big boss / leader of a group / dominant (position)
Longquanyi district of Chengdu city 成都市, Sichuan / Longquan county level city in Lishui 麗水|丽水, Zhejiang

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