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  *鼎* | 鼎* | *鼎
ancient cooking cauldron with two looped handles and three or four legs / pot (dialect) / to enter upon a period of (classical) / Kangxi radical 206 / one of the 64 hexagrams of the Book of Changes
Din Tai Fung, restaurant specializing in dumplings, with stores in many countries
grand reputation / renowned / famous
to innovate
famous / celebrated
to aspire to the throne / to aim at (the first place etc)
flourishing / at its peak / a golden age
(honorific) your kind efforts / thanks to your help
the Nine Tripod Cauldrons, symbol of state power, dating back to the Xia Dynasty
great / very important
Fuding county level city in Ningde 寧德|宁德, Fujian
lit. a boiling cauldron of voices (idiom) / hubbub / brouhaha
lit. to stand like the three legs of a tripod / tripartite confrontation or balance of forces
flourishing period / golden age
one word worth nine sacred tripods (idiom); words of enormous weight
(honorific) your inestimable assistance / thanks to your help
a confused noise / a racket
Dinghu district of Zhaoqing city 肇慶市|肇庆市, Guangdong
extravagant food
lit. to set up the sacred tripods (following Yu the Great) / to fix the capital / to found a dynasty / used in advertising
lit. the three legs of a tripod / fig. three competing rivals
to plan to seize power of the whole country (idiom)
flourishing age (of the ceremonial tripod) / golden age
the prime of one's life
Dingcheng district of Changde city 常德市, Hunan
Dingcheng district of Changde city 常德市, Hunan
change of dynasties / clear out the old, bring in the new
bell-cauldron script / the 籀文 form of Chinese character used in metal inscriptions
extravagant lifestyle
a tripartite balance / compromise between three rivals
Dinghu district of Zhaoqing city 肇慶市|肇庆市, Guangdong
competition between three rivals / tripartite confrontation
to discard the old and introduce the new (idiom); to innovate
rich patriarchal family / aristocracy
separation of powers
knife, saw and cauldron / ancient instruments of torture / fig. torture
lit. dip one's finger in the tripod (idiom); fig. to get one's finger in the pie / to get a share of the action
seething discontent (idiom); popular grievances boil over
lit. to use a sacred tripod as cooking pot and jade as ordinary stone (idiom); fig. a waste of precious material / casting pearls before swine
lit. to inquire whether the tripods are light or heavy (idiom); a laughable attempt to seize power
Fuding county level city in Ningde 寧德|宁德, Fujian
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