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soul / spirit
  *魂* | 魂* | *魂
soul / spirit / immortal soul, i.e. that can be detached from the body
in a panicked state / frightened
in the depth of one's soul
ecstasy / rapture / to feel overwhelming joy or sorrow
out-of-body experience
ghost / spirit
to miss / to yearn day and night
dazed / beside oneself (idiom)
soul of the deceased / departed spirit
to bewitch / to enchant / to cast a spell over sb
ghost of one who died unjustly / departed spirit demanding vengeance for grievances
to be preoccupied (idiom) / to be inattentive / to be frightened out of one's mind
wandering ghosts without living descendants to pray for them (idiom) / person who has no family or friends to rely on
key figure / the linchpin of sth
three immortal souls in Daoism, representing spirit and intellect
lit. spirit and soul upside down (idiom); infatuated and head over heels in love / fascinated / captivated
to return from the grave / (old) to recycle (waste products)
ghost / spirit (of the dead)
lit. reincarnated in sb else's body (idiom); fig. a discarded or discredited idea returns in another guise
lit. the soul flies away and scatters (idiom) / fig. to be frightened stiff / spooked out of one's mind / terror-stricken
lit. the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed (idiom) / fig. the influence still lingers on / the spirit (of some doctrine) is still alive
overwhelming sadness (idiom); sorrow at parting
three immortal souls and seven mortal forms in Daoism, contrasting the spiritual and carnal side of man
stratagem to trap sb / to bewitch and trap
to call back the soul of sb who has died or is seriously ill / (fig.) to resurrect (an old system etc)
mind / state of mind (often abnormal)
lonely soul
overwhelmed (with joy, sorrow etc) / to feel transported
soul / mind / idea
potion that makes the soul forget its previous life / (fig.) words or actions intended to attract sb's interest
lit. body and soul separated (idiom); fig. scared out of one's wits / beside oneself
to be distracted
to have just recovered from a shock
Breton shirt / sailor's striped shirt
spirit / soul
to butter sb up / to try to impress sb
to be captivated / to wonder / enchanting
  *䰟* | 䰟* | *䰟
old variant of
Requiem Mass (Catholic)
a kind of sleeping gas or smoke used by thieves to incapacitate victims
flag to attract departed spirits
king cobra or ghost chili (Naga jolokia)
scared out of one's wits (idiom); in a panic
Black Register of Lost Souls, long novel by Peng Yangou 彭養鷗|彭养鸥 about the destructive influence of opium, published in 1897 and 1909
distraught / dazed
recycled paper
flag to attract departed spirits
to panic

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