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home page (of a website) / title page / front page / first page / fig. beginning / cover letter
  *首* | 首* | *首
head / chief / first (occasion, thing etc) / classifier for poems, songs etc
the top of the page / (word processing) page header
first / first time / for the first time
first (of all) / in the first place
first issue / first public showing
first choice / premium / to come first in the imperial examinations
Seoul, capital of South Korea (Chinese name adopted in 2005 to replace 漢城|汉城)
capital (city) / CL: 個|个
senior official
to create / original creation / to be the first to do sth
chief (representative, correspondent etc)
capital city of an autonomous region
first place
to premiere (a movie or TV show) / premiere (of a movie) / first-run (movie) / to greet (the eye) before anything else (e.g. when entering a room)
the most important / of chief importance
top of the list
jewelry / head ornament
to confess one's crime / first model, version, kind etc (of gadgets, software, cars etc)
radical of a Chinese character
first session (of a conference etc)
prime minister (of Japan or UK etc)
richest individual / top millionaire
initial letters
head / be headed by
to give oneself up / to surrender (to the authorities)
down payment
to turn around / to look back / to recollect
Seoul Special Metropolitan City, official name of the capital of South Korea
first (hotel of its type, store of its type etc)
head / boss / chief
first organized / to run sth for the first time
first person to be appointed to a post
start of phrase or sentence
head of state
Three Hundred Tang Poems, an anthology collected around 1763 by Sun Zhu 孫誅
seat of honor / first place
first round (of a competition etc)
chief operating officer (COO)
head (of state) / summit (meeting) / leader
to count as number one (idiom); second to none / outstanding
maiden stage role / first performance / first public showing
criminal ringleader, main offender (idiom); main culprit / fig. main cause of a disaster
Beijing Capital International Airport
to bear the brunt
no first use (policy for nuclear weapons) / NFU
Chinese knotweed (Polygonum multiflorum) / fleeceflower root
head of a society / sponsor of an organization
to gather / to meet
down payment
head of state
leading / in first place / top of the list
left-hand side
chief executive officer (CEO)
first day cover (philately)
chief information officer (CIO)
to behead
severed head
chief offender / main culprit
to nod one's head
head high / in high spirits / to raise one's head (e.g. of neighing horse)
leadership conference / summit meeting
to raise one's head and look around (esp. at the state of the nation)
to immerse oneself in (one's work, studies etc)
to emphasize / to give the most weight to / to rank first
corpse / carcass / dead body
head and tail
former prime minister
summit talks / discussion between heads of state
to kowtow / also written 磕頭|磕头
bitter and hateful (idiom) / to grieve and lament (over sth)
to bend one's head
to stroke one's hair coquettishly (idiom)
head of state / government leader
to be decapitated (idiom)
to follow blindly (idiom) / to take as one's only guide
lit. a thunder of dragons without a head / fig. a group lacking a leader
chief / first / brightest and best
head high, chest out (idiom); to keep up one's spirits / in fine mettle (of animal)
afraid of the head, terrified of the tail (idiom); ever fearful and nervous / afraid of the slightest thing
Beijing Airport (PEK) / also translated as Capital Airport
start of the year
Jishou county level city and capital of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao autonomous prefecture 湘西土家族苗族自治州, Henan
premiere of a movie
doorway / gate / entrance
initial public offering (IPO)
handsome male companion / gigolo
Shishou county level city in Jingzhou 荊州|荆州, Hubei
Chief Justice
to behead
chief financial officer (CFO)
the finest place in the nation (often used in reference to the capital city) / also written 首善之地
to initiate
white head of hair / fig. old person

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