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to cultivate / to raise / to form (a habit) / to acquire
nutrition / nourishment / CL: 種|种
to cultivate / to breed / to foster / to nurture / to educate / to groom (for a position) / education / fostering / culture (biology)
to take good care of (or conserve) one's health / to keep in good repair / to maintain / maintenance
to train / to educate / to bring up / to nurture / education / culture / upbringing / early conditioning
to raise / to rear
to foster / to bring up / to raise
accomplishment / training / self-cultivation
to maintain good health / to raise a child or animal / curing (of concrete etc)
  *養* | 養* | *養
to raise (animals) / to bring up (children) / to keep (pets) / to support / to give birth
(personal) accomplishment / attainment in self-cultivation
nutritionist / dietitian
to sponsor / to adopt (pledge to give sb or sth one's special attention or support) / to adopt (choose to raise a child or animal as one's own)
adoption / to adopt (a child)
to nourish one's skin / to maintain a youthful appearance
nutrient fluid
to relax with one's eyes closed
to maintain / to conserve / curing (concrete etc)
to take in and care for (an elderly person, a dog etc) / to adopt (a child) / adoption
alimony / child support / maintenance allowance
visually attractive / eye candy / easy on the eyes / to protect the eyes
cultivation industry
to feed (a child, domestic animal etc) / to keep / to raise (an animal)
nourishment / nutrient
domestic (animals) / home reared
to provide for the elderly (family members) / to enjoy a life in retirement
nursing home
to cultivate / cultivation / to further / to encourage
to support a family / to raise a family
to breed (livestock, fish, crops etc) / to grow / to raise
nutriment / nourishment
to foster / to provide care (esp. for the elderly)
to nourish
to keep (an animal) / to look after the needs of (a person or an animal) / (fig.) to keep (a spy, lackey etc) in one's pay
child support payment (after a divorce)
to take care of (sb's health) / to nurse
Yakult (Japanese brand of fermented milk drink)
to provide for / to keep (a mistress)
growing flowers
child bride / girl adopted into a family as future daughter-in-law
to place out for adoption
to supply / to provide for one's elders / to support one's parents
to make offerings (to the Gods)
old-age insurance
to domesticate / to raise and train
to foster / to bring up / to raise
free-range raising (of poultry, cattle etc)
self-sustaining / economically independent (of state aid, foreign subsidy etc)
to recuperate / to recover / to convalesce
to rear / to bring up / to nurture
to provide for / to keep (animals, a family etc) / to raise animals / to feed and clothe / support / the necessities of life / to give birth
lit. to nurture one's years (idiom) / fig. to enjoy one's later years
to place in the care of sb (a child, pet etc) / to foster / to board out
malnutrition / undernourishment / deficiency disease / dystrophy
Petri dish
adopted son / foster son
the way of maintaining good health
to conserve (e.g. water) / self-restraint / self-possession
to get well / to heal / to recuperate / to convalesce / convalescence / to nurse
nursing home / hospice
regime (diet)
son of a bitch
to heal a wound / to recuperate (from an injury)
adopted daughter
chicken farm
to support / to provide support for / to maintain
to raise bees
zookeeper / stockman / breeder (of livestock, dogs or poultry etc)
foster father / adoptive father
to rear (an animal) in an enclosure
"drugs serving to nourish doctors", perceived problem in PRC medical practice
to take a tonic or nourishing food to build up one's health
to live like a prince (idiom)
to convalesce / to recuperate / to fully relax
to recuperate / to convalesce / to take care of one's health after illness
to preserve and nurture one's spirit (idiom); honing one's strength for the big push
to conceal one's strengths and bide one's time (idiom) / to hide one's light under a bushel
mental or spiritual cultivation
sheep husbandry
pampered and spoiled since childhood
to rest / to recuperate / to regain composure
to nourish / to nurture / to strengthen
to maintain the land (with rotation of crops or fertilizer)
cell culture
to raise silkworms
to look after (elderly parents) / to serve / to support
lit. to nurture a tiger invites calamity / fig. to indulge one's enemy is asking for trouble (idiom)
(of parents) to bring up children for the purpose of being looked after in old age
to cultivate the heart and nurture the character (idiom); to improve oneself by meditation
adopt (a child)
to raise (animals)

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