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  *題* | 題* | *題
topic / problem for discussion / exam question / subject / to inscribe / to mention / CL: 個|个,
question / problem / issue / topic / CL: 個|个
difficult problem
specific topic (addressed by a book, lecture, TV program etc) / article, report or program etc on a specific topic
subject; title; topic (CL:個|个) / exercise or exam question (CL:)
exam question / test topic
subject (of a talk or conversation) / topic
title / heading / headline / caption / subject
theme / subject
subject matter
task / problem / issue
exam question
topic of discussion / topic / subject / issue (under discussion) / CL: 項|项
to be a problem / problematic / questionable
HSK 7-9
theme song
HSK 7-9
proposition (logic, math.) / to assign an essay topic
HSK 7-9
to raise a tough question
HSK 7-9
common problems / FAQ
question bank (for examiners creating an exam, or students preparing for an exam)
to solve problems / to explicate
to win top marks in the imperial examinations
autograph / to sign one's name
theme song
subheading / subtitle
questions from previous years' exams (Tw)
  *題* | 題* | *題
surname Ti
title bar (of a window) (computing)
multiple-choice question
to keep to the subject
we will not elaborate on that (used as pluralis auctoris)
to write an inscription (poem, remark, autograph etc) / an inscription
to have sth go wrong / to have a problem arise / to give problems
special report (in the media)
notes / key (to exercises)
subject of literary work
problem or question solved for illustrative purposes in the classroom; practice question (used in preparation for an exam); sample question
book title
topic of a lecture
writing style in which the main subject is approached directly from the outset / opposite of 冒題|冒题
to make a big fuss over a minor issue (idiom)
irrelevant / beside the point
to go off-topic; to stray from the topic / obscure question; trick exam question; catch question (CL:)
fill-in-the-blank question
to digress; to stray from the topic
issue that needs to be addressed first (before another issue can be resolved)
(schoolwork) exercise / problem / question
to digress; to stray from the subject
inscription / dedication
to draw up the theme (for discussion)
knotty problem / intractable difficulty
to bring out the main theme / to make the point / to bring out the substance concisely
to evaluate (an individual) / to appraise
extemporaneous thoughts noted down after a visit
to cut a long story short / a brief treatment of a complicated subject / fig. to treat an important question as a minor matter
to inscribe a poem (often, composed on the spot) on a painting, fan or ceramic bowl etc as a work of calligraphy / an inscribed poem
short comments / preface and postscript
to use the current topic to put over one's own ideas / to use sth as a pretext to make a fuss
relevant / pertinent
title design
to write the title of a book on a label
to get off the main topic / to digress
meaning of a title / implication / theme
questions from previous years' exams
false proposition / fundamentally flawed notion / (in popular usage, can also refer to anything based on a flawed notion, such as a false dichotomy or a question that starts with a false premise)
special report (shown on TV etc)
the three rural issues: agriculture, rural areas and peasants
three-body problem (mechanics)
theme park
keynote speech
concrete issue
writing style in which the main subject is not introduced initially (opposite: 破題|破题)
to do a lot of practice questions (to prepare for an exam)
propositional logic
serious problem
basic issue / fundamental question
multiple-choice question
as the title suggests; as indicated in the title
safety issue / security issue
thematic map
frequently asked questions / FAQ
categorical proposition (logic)
to stick to the topic
(in one's study) to focus on the topics one speculates will appear on the exam
common questions / general questions
Korean nuclear problem
the subject under discussion / the point at issue
the nuclear problem
headline news / title story
title word / entry (in dictionary)
"sensational headline writers", people who write misleading titles in order to generate clicks from Internet users / clickbait
motif (loanword) / main idea / theme
no problem
categorical proposition (logic)
economic problem
puzzle / riddle
to create an issue / to cause a problem

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