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adolescent / youth / teenager
  *青* | 青* | *青
green / blue / black / youth / young (of people)
youth / youthfulness
youth / youthful years / young person / the young
  *青* | 青* | *青
abbr. for 青海, Qinghai Province
youth hostel
Qingshan district of Wuhan city 武漢市|武汉市, Hubei / Qingshan district of Baotou city 包頭市|包头市, Inner Mongolia
green hills / (the good) life
black clothes / servant (old) / young woman role in Chinese opera, also called 正旦
frog / CL: 隻|只 / (slang) ugly guy
lit. green plums and hobby-horse (idiom) / fig. innocent children's games / childhood sweethearts / a couple who grew up as childhood friends
young person who adopts an artistic or intellectual style / abbr. for 文藝青年|文艺青年
(lit.) to fix one's gaze on / (fig.) to show interest in / (favorable) attention / favor
Qingdao, subprovincial city in Shandong
lush green / dark green / turquoise
(literary) brothel / pleasure quarters
lit. tread the green; go for a walk in the spring (when the grass has turned green) / spring hike season around Qingming festival 清明, 4th-6th April
Qinghai province (Tsinghai) in west China, abbr. , capital Xining 西寧|西宁
cyan / blue-green
Brigitte Lin (1954-), Taiwanese actress
deep black
puberty / adolescence
green vegetables / Chinese cabbage
YMCA (international Christian youth movement, formed in 1844)
asphalt / bitumen / pitch
lime (fruit)
moss / lichen
Aoki (Japanese surname)
the rights and wrongs of a matter (idiom)
clear sky / fig. high official position / noble
young person / youngster
amobarbital (drug) (Tw)
underripe / (fig.) young and inexperienced
bluestone / limestone (colloquial)
fresh and green / verdant
to rapidly go up in the world / meteoric rise (of a career, social position etc)
Azure Dragon, one of the four symbols of the Chinese constellations, also known as the Azure Dragon of the East 東方青龍|东方青龙 or 東方蒼龍|东方苍龙 / (slang) man without pubic hair
Kwai Tsing district of New Territories, Hong Kong
Capsicum annuum / green pepper
scallion / green onion / verdant / lush green
Qingtian county in Lishui 麗水|丽水, Zhejiang
anthocyanidin (biochemistry)
Qingyang county in Chizhou 池州, Anhui
Qingpu suburban district of Shanghai
educated youth (sent to work in farms during the Cultural Revolution)
annal / historical record / CL: 筆|笔
pachinko (loanword) (Tw)
celadon (pottery)
bronze (alloy of copper 銅|铜 and tin 錫|锡)
in broad daylight / in the middle of the day / KMT emblem, a white sun on a blue background
Aomori prefecture at the far north of Japan's main island Honshū 本州
young person / the young
Qingshan district of Wuhan city 武漢市|武汉市, Hubei / Qingshan district of Baotou city 包頭市|包头市, Inner Mongolia
bruise / contusion
blue and white (porcelain)
bruise / contusion
Jiang Qing (1914-1991), Mao Zedong's fourth wife and leader of the Gang of Four
pine tree
youth hostel / abbr. for 青年旅舍
lit. green hills and clear waters / pleasant country scene (idiom)
rising straight up in a clear sky (idiom); rapid promotion to a high post / meteoric career
lit. yellow does not reach green (idiom); the yellow autumn crop does not last until the green spring crop / temporary deficit in manpower or resources / unable to make ends meet
azurite / copper azurite 2CuCO3-Cu(OH)2 / azure blue
sky clears after rain / new hopes after a disastrous period (idiom) / every cloud has a silver lining (idiom) / see also 雨過天晴|雨过天晴
bamboo bark / bamboo green (color)
China Youth Daily, www.cyol.net
clear sky / blue sky / upright and honorable (official)
Aomori prefecture at the far north of Japan's main island Honshū 本州
Xinqing district of Yichun city 伊春市, Heilongjiang
Qingzhou county level city in Weifang 濰坊|潍坊, Shandong
greenish yellow / sallow (of complexion)
angry youth – highly nationalistic young Chinese people (abbr. for 憤怒青年|愤怒青年) (neologism c. 1970s)
Qingxiu District of Nanning City 南寧市|南宁市, Guangxi
lit. one's youth will never return / to make the most of one's opportunities (idiom)
fine black hair / dried plum (sliced, as cake ingredient)
the Communist Youth League, abbr. for 共產主義青年團|共产主义青年团
Nippon lily (Rohdea japonica)
youth corps / youth wing of a political party
the prime of one's life
lit. reputation will go down in history (idiom); fig. achievements will earn eternal glory
bok choy / Shanghai pak choy / Chinese mustard (Brassica rapa Chinensis)
Qingpu suburban district of Shanghai
medical practice (Chinese medicine) (old)
highland barley (grown in Tibet and Qinghai) / qingke barley
Youth Day (May 4th), PRC national holiday for young people aged 14 to 28, who get half a day off
lit. (to look) with a direct gaze / fig. respect / favor
feather cockscomb (Celosia argentea)
Xiqing suburban district of Tianjin municipality 天津市
young worker (esp of the CCP)

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