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danger / dangerous
insurance / to insure / safe / secure / be sure / be bound to / CL:
risk; hazard
to take risks / to take chances / foray / adventure
  *險* | 險* | *險
danger / dangerous / rugged
dangerous / ruthless / treacherous
to explore / to go on an expedition / adventure
safe deposit box / a safe
life insurance / abbr. for 人壽保險|人寿保险
perilous; touch-and-go; nerve-racking; suspenseful
narrowly / almost / nearly
condom / CL: 隻|只
to win by a narrow margin / to barely win / narrow victory
fuse wire / (electrical) fuse
hazardous materials
treacherous / sinister
social security / abbr. to 社保
life insurance
a safe / strongbox
dangerous / sinister / vicious
National Health Insurance (Tw)
to be more scared than hurt (idiom) / to get through a daunting experience without mishap
arduous / steep
to get into difficulties / to meet with danger
to get out of danger
critical circumstances / risky conditions / danger zone
aggregate risk
insurance type
to take a risk out of desperation (idiom)
emergency (measures) / to react to an emergency
to turn peril into safety (idiom); to avert disaster
difficult and dangerous / hardships and perils
car bumper
insurance policy (document)
peril / dangerous circumstance
strategically situated and easy to defend / strategic location
dangerous and difficult (path)
a natural stronghold
to take risks / involved in adventure
untold dangers and difficulties (idiom)
dangers spring up all around (idiom); surrounded by perils
to experience adventures
to get out of trouble / to escape from danger / a danger appears / threatened by danger
medical insurance
perilous peak / the lofty heights
to take risks / to run risks
malicious / treacherous / wicked and crafty
Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain 馬克·吐溫|马克·吐温
shoals / rapids / treacherous section of a river
labor insurance
to rely on natural barriers (for one's defense)
adventurism (a left-wing error against Mao's line during the 1930s)
sinister and deceitful
(of terrain) rugged, providing a natural barrier to invasion
shrink or flinch from no difficulty or danger / make light of difficulties and dangers
lit. to make one's way through a dangerous pass as if walking on level ground (idiom) / fig. to handle a crisis effortlessly
thriller (movie)
to have sinister motives
(to resist the enemy) relying on inaccessible territory
old-age insurance
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain 馬克·吐溫|马克·吐温
evil omen
kerosene lamp
credit risk
reinsurance (contractual device spreading risk between insurers)
treacherous and murderous
health insurance
dangerous ball (in soccer, volleyball etc)
all risks (insurance)
travel insurance covering flight delay, baggage loss etc (abbr. for 旅遊不便險|旅游不便险)
China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC)
fuse box
arming system
insurance fee
to risk one's life
to take risks
hazard lights
AIA Group Limited, insurance company
(Tw) National Pension Insurance, a social security scheme in Taiwan
life insurance company
to have a close call / to have a narrow escape
Adventures of the Gummi Bears (Disney animated series)
lit. the mountains are high and the torrents swift / to undertake an arduous task or journey (idiom)
investment risk
to provide relief during times of emergency and disaster (idiom)
to guard a natural stronghold
travel insurance covering medical expenses / abbr. for 旅遊平安險|旅游平安险
Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
latent hazard
The boundless vista is at the perilous peak (proverb) / fig. exhilaration follows a hard-won victory
The Moment of Truth (TV show) / Truth or Dare (game)
out of danger / to avoid danger
financial reinsurance / fin re
to flee from danger / to avoid danger / to minimize risk / (finance) hedge
critical illness

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