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hospital / CL: , ,
court of law / court
  *院* | 院* | *院
courtyard / institution / CL: 個|个
college / educational institute / school / faculty / CL:
the head of an institution whose name ends in / chair of a board / president of a university / department head / dean / premier of the Republic of China / CL: 個|个
research institute / academy
academy of classical learning (Tang Dynasty - Qing Dynasty)
medical school
school of management
to be in hospital / to be hospitalized
business school / university of business studies
theater / CL: ,
cinema / movie theater
cinema / movie theater / CL: ,
county court / district court
State Council (PRC) / State Department (USA)
Legislative Yuan, the legislative branch of government under the constitution of Republic of China, then of Taiwan
to leave hospital / to be discharged from hospital
school of engineering / college of engineering
scholar / academician / fellow (of an academy)
college / academy / educational institution
opera house
academy of sciences / CL: 個|个
high court
Control Yuan, a watchdog under the constitution of Republic of China, then of Taiwan
supreme court
Examination Yuan, the qualification and appointment board under the constitution of Republic of China, then of Taiwan / exam board
Chinese Academy of Science
deputy chair of board / vice-president (of a university etc)
art institute / art and drama college
Palace Museum, in the Forbidden City, Beijing / National Palace Museum, Taipei
to enter hospital / to be hospitalized
specialized hospital
senate / upper chamber (of legislative assembly)
Academia Sinica, research institution headquartered in Taipei
music academy / conservatory
law school
rear court / back garden / backyard (also fig.)
courtyard / garden / yard / patio / CL: 個|个 / (old) servant
beauty salon / lady's hair parlor
cloister / temple / monastery / CL:
Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (Hong Kong)
Legislative Yuan (Tw) / abbr. for 立法院
High Court
seminary (Christian college)
lower house of bicameral assembly / House of Representatives (USA) / Chamber of Deputies
US Department of State
inner courtyard (in a courtyard house)
people's court (of law) / people's tribunal
orphanage / child asylum
abbr. for 中國社會科學院|中国社会科学院, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
residence consisting of structures surrounding a courtyard on three sides
courtyard (surrounded by many buildings) / compound / great institution
nursing home
graduate school
courtyard house with a fully enclosed courtyard (type of Chinese residence)
monastery / convent
inner courtyard (in a courtyard house)
prosecutor's office / procuratorate
theater chain (abbr. for 電影院線|电影院线)
outer courtyard
teacher's college / normal school
Executive Yuan, the executive branch of government under the constitution of Republic of China, then of Taiwan
lateral court (in a Chinese house)
Academia Sinica / abbr. for 中央研究院
to receive hospital treatment / to be hospitalized
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
two chambers (of legislative assembly), e.g. House of Representatives and Senate
nursing home / hospice
Beijing Film Academy
inpatient department
military hospital
Court of Final Appeal
conservatory / music college
court / courtyard
house / house with a courtyard
Notre-Dame Cathedral (Paris, France)
Daoyuan (Sanctuary of the Dao)
(dialect) courtyard
United States House of Representatives
to transfer (a patient) to a different hospital / to transfer to hospital (e.g. a prisoner)
front courtyard / front yard
United States Senate
Confucius Institute, organization established internationally by the PRC, promoting Chinese language and culture
abbr. for 參議院|参议院, senate / upper chamber (of legislative assembly)
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)
brothel / whorehouse
Supreme Court of the United States
courtyard house
the five yuan (administrative branches of government) of the Republic of China under Sun Yat-sen's constitution: 行政院 Executive Yuan, 立法院 Legislative Yuan, 司法院 Judicial Yuan, 考試院|考试院 Examination Yuan, 監察院|监察院 Control Yuan
Central Academy of Drama
criminal court / judiciary court
home of respect for aged / nursing home
academism (art)

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