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to restrict / to limit / to confine / restriction / limit / CL: 個|个
time limit / deadline / allotted time
limit / extreme boundary
variant of 局限
to limit / to confine / to restrict sth within set boundaries
joint-stock limited company / corporation
limited company / corporation
scope of authority / extent of power / (access etc) privileges
upper bound
  *限* | 限* | *限
to limit / to restrict / (bound form) limit / bound
to be limited to / to be confined to
limited / finite
to restrict to / to limit
unlimited / unbounded
limitless / unrestricted
to set a time limit / time limit / deadline
to be limited / to be restricted / to be constrained
the limit / maximum / one's allocated lifespan
unlimited (time) duration
age limit / fixed number of years
to be limited to
finite element (method)
to be limited to
speed limit
time limit
grace period / period of grace
extreme sport
limitation / limit
limit on price
quadrant (in coordinate geometry)
Tencent Holdings Limited (developers of the QQ instant messaging platform)
to extend (a deadline etc)
unrestricted warfare (originally the title of a Chinese book published in 1999, later used to refer to war by any means, military or non-military, including cyberwarfare, economic warfare etc)
finite group (math.)
technical limitations
deadline / final time limit (for project)
infinitesimal / infinitely small
lit. to draw a line on the ground to keep within (idiom) / fig. to impose restrictions on oneself
maximum amount / ceiling / upper limit / quota
limit up, limit down / limit on daily price variation
not confined
finite set
(Internet slang) (wryly jocular) poverty limits my power of imagination / (fig.) flabbergasted by the antics of the wealthy / the rich live in another world / (abbr. for 貧窮限制了我的想象力|贫穷限制了我的想象力)
lifetime / length of life
to exceed / to go beyond / to overstep the limit
finite element method
intrusion / perimeter breach / (esp.) (of a person or a foreign object) to breach the perimeter surrounding railway tracks
The boundless vista is at the perilous peak (proverb) / fig. exhilaration follows a hard-won victory
China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, Sinopec / abbr. to 中石化
to die / one's allocated lifespan is accomplished
finite element (method)
height restriction barrier
limitations / (medicine) localized
restriction enzyme
infinitesimal / infinite decimal expansion
China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation (CATIC)
mail to be delivered by a specified time
boundary / dividing line
Poly Technologies (defense manufacturing company)
cliff barring the way / fig. brick wall
an endless stream of visitors (idiom)
confidence limit (math.)
to possess limited experience and knowledge (idiom)
facing the end (idiom); at the end of one's life / with one foot in the grave
(psychology) threshold / liminal
boundary / limit
restriction mapping (in genomics) / restriction pattern
Beijing Automobile Works (BAW)
determiner (in grammar, i.e. article, demonstrative, possessive pronoun, noun genitive etc)
limit on daily price variation
minimalist theory
wage ceiling
first quadrant (of the coordinate plane, where both x and y are positive)
Tianjin FAW Xiali Motor Company, Ltd., established 1997
lowest limit / bottom line
possessive (in grammar)

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