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  *防* | 防* | *防
to protect / to defend / to guard against / to prevent
to prevent / to guard against / to take precautions
to defend / to protect
to protect against fire
to prevent / to take precautions against / to protect / to guard against / precautionary / prophylactic
firefighting / fire control
to prevent and cure / prevention and cure
to defend / to protect (against)
national defense
disaster prevention / to protect against natural disasters
defense against poison / defense against poison gas / anti-narcotics measures / defense against computer viruses
rust prevention / anti-corrosion
defense / to defend
to guard against theft / anti-theft
to be on guard / wariness / to guard against / preventive
disease prevention / protection against epidemic
sunburn protection
fire department
preservative / antiseptic
to protect from wind / fangfeng (Saposhnikovia divaricata), its root used in TCM
damp proof / moisture proof / protection against tides
Defense Department / Ministry of National Defense
firefighter / fireman
firewall / CL:
to defend / defensive / defense
shockproof / to guard against earthquakes
antifreeze agent
to guard against / to be vigilant / watch you don't (slip) / also pr. [ti2 fang2]
to suppress a riot / riot control
defensive line or perimeter / CL:
security door
snow chain (for a vehicle tire)
antiskid / slip resistant
attack and defense / the midfield (in soccer)
to take strict precautions / on your guard
coastal defense
to set up defenses / to fortify
self-protection / to defend oneself
rotproof / antiseptic / anti-corrosion
defensive (weapons)
anti-aircraft defense
flood control / anti-flood (precautions)
protective step / protective measure
antipinch (e.g. preventing catching fingers in automatic car windows)
mosquito repellent
groundsheet (for camping etc)
fire brigade / fire department
to prevent and control (e.g. the spread of a communicable disease)
immunization injection / fig. forewarning / heads-up / preventive measure
to guard against / to beware of
to guard against
safety goggles
fire engine / fire truck
frontier defense
sunscreen / sunblock
defense industry
suntan lotion / sunscreen cream
gas mask
prophylaxis / medical prevention
earned run average (baseball)
prophylactic inoculation
you can't guard against it (idiom) / impossible to defend effectively / not much one can do about it / It can't be prevented.
to reinforce defenses
to lay out a defense
prophylactic equipment / condom
anti-virus software
security measures (esp. border security) / official seal (esp. military seal during Qing and Ming times)
to be caught off guard / without warning
flood control / flood prevention
to prevent / to combat / to counter
Defense secretary / Defense Minister
(pertaining to) defense
bulletproof vest
reasonable self-defense / legitimate defense
prophylactic / preventative / protective
defense budget
individual protective equipment
Fangchenggang prefecture-level city in Guangxi
protecting against AIDS
unexpectedly / suddenly / at unawares / off guard / against expectations
dike / embankment / levee
air-raid shelter
to prevent heatstroke and reduce temperature
gas mask
city defense
to prevent troubles before the event (idiom) / to forestall / to nip sth in the bud
border guard / frontier army
(of parents) to bring up children for the purpose of being looked after in old age
nuclear defense / anti-nuclear (installation)
to guard against the unexpected (idiom); just in case / prepared for any eventualities
riot police / riot squad
to prevent
refrain from hurting others, yet guard against those trying to hurt you (proverb)
excessive self-defense (self-defense with excessive force)

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