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leisure / relaxation / not working / idle / to enjoy leisure / to lie fallow
idle / free time / leisure / unused (place)
casual conversation / chat / gossip / to talk about (whatever comes to mind)
to chat / casual conversation
leisure shoes
to leave sth unused / to lie idle
leisurely / carefree / relaxed
casual pants
  *閑* | 閑* | *閑
enclosure / (variant of 閒|闲) idle / unoccupied / leisure
  *閒* | 閒* | *閒
idle / unoccupied / leisure
to spend one's leisure time / to idle away the time
to chat
leisurely frame of mind
idle person / idler / unconcerned person
to hang around / to hang out
at leisure / idle / to have nothing to do
leisurely and comfortable / relaxed
idle / leisurely
to snatch a moment of leisure / to take a break from work
idle gossip
to snatch a moment of leisure / to take a break from work / also written 偷閒|偷闲
variant of 悠閒|悠闲 / leisurely
to stroll
meddling in other people's business
ordinary / common / unimportant / idly / for no reason
calm and composed (idiom)
to meddle / to be a "nosy Parker" / to be too inquisitive about other people's business
leisurely mood / relaxed frame of mind
to stay idle at home / to have resigned from office / to be unemployed / to have been fired / to be on a sabbatical
other people's business
light reading
calm / tranquil
peaceful and carefree / leisurely
(in the negative) (not) to be trifled with
to chat / idle talk
to sit around / to sit idly
at leisure
wild flower
recreative seal, bearing not the owner's name but a well-known verse or such, and used for artistic purposes on paintings etc
variant of 閒人|闲人 / idle person / idler / unconcerned person
variant of 閒談|闲谈
Mind your own business! / Don't interfere!
sinecure / position with practically no obligations
to live as a parasite / doing nothing to earn one's keep
to hang on to and serve the rich and powerful by literary hack work etc
idle talk
to lead a quiet and peaceful life in retirement / to stay home with nothing to do / to lead a solitary life
to have money and time / to be part of the leisure class / the idle rich
to guard
to gossip / to make unfavorable comments
elegant / graceful
to chat / idle gossip
(employee) having no fixed duties
slack winter season (farming)
to idle about
idle / free time / leisure
to avoid external disturbance in order to idle
idle gossip / irrelevant nonsense / slanderous rumor
comfort and leisure
to loiter
to chat idly
idle / unused / at leisure
leisurely and free (idiom); carefree and at ease
leisurely and free (idiom) / carefree and at ease
officials with light duties / supernumeraries
leisure / free time / unoccupied / not in use
at one's ease / carefree
with one's heart at ease and one's spirit at rest (idiom)
leisurely and free (idiom); carefree and at ease
erhua variant of 消閒|消闲
to chat about domestic trivia (idiom)
feeling comfortably at ease (idiom)
unemployed and idle

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