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  *鐵* | 鐵* | *鐵
surname Tie
  *鐵* | 鐵* | *鐵
iron (metal) / arms / weapons / hard / strong / violent / unshakeable / determined / close / tight (slang)
high speed rail
railroad / railway / CL: 條|条
subway / metro
railway line / rail track
(Hong Kong) MTR (Mass Transit Railway)
latte (loanword)
iron panel / hot iron plate for fast grilling (Japanese: teppan)
armored horse / cavalry / metal chimes hanging from eaves / steel barricade / (Tw) bike
galvanized iron sheet (for building construction)
subway station
pig iron / foundry iron
galvanized iron
iron tower
Tekken (video game)
Hong Kong LRT (Light Rail Transit) (abbr. for 輕便鐵路|轻便铁路)
Li Tie (1977-), footballer
angle iron
China Mobile Tietong, state-owned telecommunications operator (abbr. for 中移鐵通|中移铁通)
(Cantonese) iron pipe (weapon)
Tieguanyin tea (a variety of oolong tea)
window with an iron grating (apartment etc) / barred window of a prison cell
to forge ironware
scrap iron
Teflon (Tw)
iron wire / CL:
Ministry of Railways (MOR), disbanded in 2013 with its regulatory functions taken over by the Ministry of Transport 交通運輸部|交通运输部
blacksmith / ironworker
Tsuga chinensis
mail plating / armor / armor plating
wire netting / CL:
tinplate / tin (tin-coated steel)
an iron ring
iron ore / iron ore mine
metal trunk / metal box / a safe
triathlon (Tw) / (athletics) throwing events excluding the hammer throw (i.e. discus, javelin and shot put)
iron chain
rail / railroad track / CL:
Citroën (French car manufacturer)
pig iron
copper wall, iron bastion (idiom); impenetrable defense
metal pot
abbr. for 搭鐵接線|搭铁接线 / chassis grounding (i.e. using the chassis as ground, to serve as a return path for current in an electric circuit)
kung fu balls
iron cooking pot
iron and steel works / steelworks
armored horses / crack horsemen
Eiffel Tower
unalterable / certainly / definitely
hardware / ironware
railway line
Tiexi district of Siping city 四平市, Jilin / Tiexi district of Shenyang city 瀋陽市|沈阳市, Liaoning
RMS Titanic, British passenger liner that sank in 1912 (Tw) / PRC equivalent: 泰坦尼克號|泰坦尼克号
latte (coffee) / café latte
iron fist (of the state)
Tiexi district of Siping city 四平市, Jilin / Tiexi district of Shenyang city 瀋陽市|沈阳市, Liaoning
Iron Man, comic book superhero
flatiron / iron / branding iron / soldering iron
molten iron
Temujin, birth name of Genghis Khan 成吉思汗
Waterloo (Belgium) / Battle of Waterloo (1815) / fig. a defeat / failure
ironclad evidence / conclusive proof
determined / unshakable
Tieling prefecture level city in Liaoning province 遼寧省|辽宁省 in northeast China / also Tieling county
steel industry
secure employment (lit. iron rice bowl)
sago palm (Cycas revoluta)
to have a heart of stone / hard-hearted / unfeeling
Tieshan district of Huangshi city 黃石市|黄石市, Hubei
triangle (musical instrument) / angle iron
iron ore
Tiedong district of Siping city 四平市, Jilin
sago palm (Cycas revoluta)
made of iron / strong as iron
Qinghai-Tibet railway
wrought iron
lit. to chop the nail and slice the iron (idiom) / fig. resolute and decisive / unhesitating / categorical
shot (in shotgun) / pellets
(Tw) obstinate / argumentative / opinionated / skeptical of superstitions / (Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [thih-khí])
Iron-Crutch Li, one of the Eight Immortals 八仙 in Chinese mythology, walking around with an iron crutch and carrying a gourd with special medicine
Iron Curtain (1945-1991) (in Taiwan, 鐵幕 was used to refer to both the Iron Curtain and the Bamboo Curtain)
ilmenite FeTiO3 / titanium ore
lit. to hate iron for not becoming steel / to feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement (idiom)
iron club / steel rod
iron (golf club)
iron rod / zealous / die-hard

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