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sharp (e.g. knife blade) / incisive / to the point
front (meteorology)
to cross swords / to have a confrontation (with sb)
  *鋒* | 鋒* | *鋒
point of a spear / edge of a tool / vanguard / forward (in sports team)
vanguard / front line / a forward (sports)
cutting edge or point of a knife, sword or tool
topic under discussion / thread of discussion
tip (of pencil, spear etc) / sharp point / cutting edge / spearhead / vanguard
midfielder / center (basketball) / center forward (hockey, football)
to charge / to assault / assault
vanguard / pioneer / avant-garde
to strive
to show off one's ability
Tse Ting-Fung or Nicholas Tse (1980-), Cantopop star
pioneer / trailbreaker
daring vanguard / pioneer / leading figure
cold front (meteorology)
submachine gun
to oppose each other with equal harshness (idiom); tit for tat / measure for measure
Lei Feng (1940-1962), made into a model of altruism and dedication to the Party by propaganda from 1963 onwards
to charge and break through enemy lines
frontal attack (brush movement in painting)
brush stroke to the side (calligraphy) / fig. side stroke / lateral thinking
stationary front (meteorology)
Jian Zoupianfeng, pseudonym of prolific modern novelist
the sword moves with side stroke (modern idiom) / fig. unexpected winning move / unconventional gambit
first sign of budding talent / to display one's ability for the first time
Hua Guofeng (1921-2008), CCP Chairman 1976-1981
wing / wing forward
manner of speech / tone of voice
thread of discussion / topic
to push oneself forward / to seek fame / to be in the limelight
oblique attack (brush movement in painting)
to draw in one's claws / to show some modesty
to be talented yet self-effacing (idiom)
the tip of a writing brush / vigor of style in writing / stroke / touch
high speed steel
Young Pioneers of China (primary school league, a preparation for Communist Youth League) / abbr. to 少先隊|少先队
warm front (meteorology)
Uzi (submachine gun)
selfless model citizen, just like Lei Feng 雷鋒|雷锋
variant of 鋒芒|锋芒
to lead the charge
stationary front (meteorology)
occluded front (meteorology)
lit. to reach the tip and try (idiom); to have a go when at one's peak
occluded front (meteorology)

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