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to move / to exercise / sports / exercise / motion / movement / campaign / CL: 場|场
to transport / to carry / transportation
to use / to put to use
fortunate / lucky / fortune / luck
fate / destiny / CL: 個|个
luck (good or bad)
to perform calculations / (mathematical) operation
to move along one's course (of celestial bodies etc) / (fig.) to function / to be in operation / (of a train service etc) to operate / to run / (of a computer) to run
to consign (goods) / to check through (baggage)
freight transport / cargo / transported goods
freight fee
(Tw) mass rapid transit (MRT) / subway
  *運* | 運* | *運
to move / to transport / to use / to apply / fortune / luck / fate
running / operation (of airport, bus service, business etc)
to operate / operations / workings / activities (usu. of an organization) / thread (computing)
abbr. for 奧林匹克運動會|奥林匹克运动会 / Olympic Games / the Olympics
sports shoes / sneakers
the time comes, fortune turns (idiom); to have a lucky break / things change for the better
passenger transportation / (Tw) intercity bus
to dribble (basketball, soccer etc)
sports competition / CL: 個|个
horoscope / one's fortune
freight / transport / portage / to transport / to carry
to transport / to carry
athlete / CL: , 個|个
to be in operation / to do business / (of train, bus etc) to be in service / operation / service
Taipei Metro
way bill / transport charge
to forward goods / to ship / to distribute / transshipment / a lucky break / change of fortune (for the better)
sports / physical culture
public transport (Tw)
good luck
chief operating officer (COO) (Tw)
to consign / to send (goods to customers) / shipping / delivery
to work / to operate / to revolve / to turn around
bad luck / unlucky
air transport
distribution depot / staging post / transit center
American Express Co. (Amex)
shipping / transport
water sports / aquatic motion / movement over water
athlete / sportsman / activist
shipping by sea
one's fortune (in astrology)
carrier (of goods etc)
working capital
(Western-style) horoscope
abbr. for 奧林匹克運動會|奥林匹克运动会 / Olympic Games / the Olympics
(coll.) (other people's) dumb luck
volume of freight
to transport (for sale) / to traffic (in sth)
National Games, Chinese athletics competition, organized every four years since 1959
Asian Games
the Grand Canal, 1800 km from Beijing to Hangzhou, built starting from 486 BC
bad luck / misfortune / adversity
sports shirt / sweatshirt / CL:
to ship / shipment
to emerge to meet a historic destiny (idiom) / to arise at an opportune time / able to take advantage of an opportunity / to rise to the occasion
World Games / abbr. for 世界運動會|世界运动会
to alter one's fate / to improve one's luck (e.g. by changing one's name or phone number)
student movement
sports field / playground / exercise yard
ill luck / misfortune
through transport / through traffic jointly organized by different enterprises
fare / transport cost
Mandate of Heaven / the Grand Canal, 1800 km from Beijing to Hangzhou, built starting from 486 BC / usually written 大運河|大运河
to try one's luck / to leave sth to chance
student movement
to wield the pen / to write
civil transport / movement aimed at the masses / democracy movement (abbr.)
to plan / operations / logistics
to smuggle
winner / lucky guy / person who always gets good breaks
cooperative transport / concentrated freight
to have good luck / lucky / in luck
sea freight / shipping
distribution / transport and sale (of goods)
rotation / rotary motion
(of goods) to dispatch / shipment / shipping
to smuggle
operational state / running state
extreme sport
Shanghai Y-10 / Yun-10 commercial jet aircraft
Yuncheng prefecture level city in Shanxi 山西
to concentrate / to think what you're doing
amount of passenger traffic
variant of 紅運|红运
volume of freight
air freight (cost of air transport)
fate is unfavorable (idiom); the omens are not good
to provide transport / to accept the Mandate of Heaven / to acknowledge one's calling to be emperor
luck with the ladies / a romance / good luck
good luck
to transport by crane / to convey
Yuncheng prefecture level city in Shanxi 山西
Olympic Games / the Olympics

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