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use / application
long distance
prospects / future outlook / journey
way / channel
  *途* | 途* | *途
way / route / road
along the sides of the road / by the wayside
journey / trip
en route
(lit. and fig.) road / path
to lose one's way
to pass through / via / by way of
long and difficult trek
official career (formal)
long journey / trek / course of an expedition
the way back / one's journey home
distant / far-flung
passer-by / stranger
halfway / midway
different routes to the same destination (idiom); fig. different means of achieve the same end
long-distance call
Midway Islands
gossip / hearsay / rumor
highway / level road
fork in a road / wrong road
to get back on the right path / to mend one's ways
the course of one's life / one's fate
long-distance bus / coach
to meet with many difficulties in one's life (idiom)
long-distance coach
dangerous road / (fig.) perilous or intimidating undertaking
not knowing what to do next / at a loose end
an old horse knows the way (idiom); an experienced worker knows what to do / an old hand knows the ropes
lit. an old horse knows the way home (idiom); fig. in difficulty, trust an experience colleague
long-distance / long-haul
intended use
economic future / economic outlook
Battle of Midway, June 1942
to make a long distance call
to come and go in an incessant stream
to view as dangerous (idiom); afraid to do sth
to cover the road (snow, wind, hazards etc) / distance (between locations)
long distance network
dangerous road
long distance call charge
same road out, different ones back
lit. a path covered in brambles / a course of action beset by difficulties (idiom)
typical use / typical application
specialized crowd management vehicle, a riot control vehicle equipped with a water cannon, commonly known as water cannon vehicle 水炮車|水炮车
to have boundless prospects
to run aground in mid-course / to run into difficulty and stop
to mislead / to lead astray
to leave in the middle of the play / (fig.) to leave before the matter is concluded
to take a wrong step in life (idiom) / to go astray
poisoning route
to give up halfway (idiom); leave sth unfinished
lit. the path exhausted, the end of the road (idiom); an impasse / in a plight with no way out / things have reached a dead end
sunset, the end of the road (idiom); in terminal decline / at a dead end
garden path effect
lit. a short-cut to crush Guo (idiom); fig. to connive with sb to damage a third party, then turn on the partner
The path of learning can never be smooth. / There is no royal road to learning. (idiom)
to have a tough life / to meet much adversity in one's life
hanging in the balance / the future is hard to forecast / ¿Qué serà? / who knows what the future holds?
in transit (of passengers, goods etc)

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