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  *逃* | 逃* | *逃
to escape / to run away / to flee
to escape / to evade / to avoid / to shirk
to run away / to escape
to run out / to escape
to flee for one's life
to run away / to escape
escaped criminal / fugitive from the law (criminal suspect on the run)
to flee from sth / to run away / to escape
to flee / flight (from danger) / fugitive
to escape / to run away / to abscond
to escape / to flee / to run away
to evade a tax
to escape / to flee / to run for one's life
to run away / to flee (the country)
to abscond / to slink off
to escape (from prison) / to jump bail
unable to escape / can't get out
to defect / to desert / to betray and flee
to run away from trouble / to flee from calamity / to be a refugee
to flee abroad / to run away / to desert / outflow
to flee / to run away
to run away / to flee in disarray
to play truant / to cut classes
to be at large (of a criminal)
army deserter
to flee in defeat / to bolt
mortal danger, escape alive (idiom); a narrow escape / to survive by the skin of one's teeth
to flee to avoid an arranged marriage
to escape without trace (idiom); to make one's getaway (from the scene of a crime) / to show a clean pair of heels
to stampede
to skip class
to escape / to disappear
no way out / nowhere to go / trapped beyond hope of rescue / painted into a corner
to sneak in without a ticket / to stow away
to escape from a famine / to get away from a famine-stricken region
to scatter in all directions
to flee in disorder / defeated and in rout
to jump bail
to flee in disorder / to scurry off
It is hard to escape the dragnet of the law / the long arm of the law
to flee at the mere sight of (idiom)
to run away to / to flee
to run off in a great panic (idiom)
to dodge a creditor
to evade responsibility / to shirk
to evade (paying tax) / (tax) evasion
Destiny is inexorable, there is no fleeing it (idiom). Your doom is at hand.
escape velocity
to evade (repayment of debts)
it is hard to escape the net of justice (idiom)
to run away in the confusion / to take advantage of the confusion to escape
to disperse and flee, leaving no trace
to bundle up valuables and abscond
to leave a banquet (without taking one's leave)
tax haven
refuge for fugitives
to avoid employment
to abscond without leaving a trace (idiom)
to run away / to go into exile
North Korean refugee
to seek refuge from calamities
outflow of capital

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