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  *遠* | 遠* | *遠
far / distant / remote / (intensifier in a comparison) by far / much (lower etc)
forever / eternal
distant / remote
a heavy load and a long road / fig. to bear heavy responsibilities through a long struggle (cf Confucian Analects, 8.7)
to drift apart / to become estranged / to alienate / estrangement
Far East (loanword)
  *遠* | 遠* | *遠
to distance oneself from (classical)
far end / remote end / remote / distant
to be far from / to keep away from
long-term / long-range
remote / far from civilization
Ningyuan county in Yongzhou 永州, Hunan
to gaze into the distance
distant / by far
surpassing by far
to show respect from a distance (idiom) / to remain at a respectful distance
far away / a distant location
to travel a great distance by sea or air / voyage / long-haul flight
long time ago / distant / far away
distant seas / the open ocean (far from the coast)
remote / long distance / long range
distant place
to extend all over the globe (idiom) / far-reaching
a long journey / far from home
distant / far-flung
Qingyuan prefecture level city in Guangdong
antiquity / ancient times
to stand tall and see far (idiom); taking the long and broad view / acute foresight
to exceed by far / to outclass
long-term / at a fixed date in the future (e.g. for repayment) / abbr. for 遠期合約|远期合约
binoculars / telescope / CL: , ,
Fuyuan county in Kiamusze or Jiamusi city 佳木斯, Heilongjiang
to digress / to get sidetracked / to go off on a tangent
Qingyuan prefecture level city in Guangdong province
an expedition, esp. military / march to remote regions
excursion / hike / march
far-reaching / profound and long-lasting
old / ancient / far away
make light of traveling a thousand li / go to the trouble of traveling a long distance
to go far / to escape to faraway places
(fame) spreads far and wide
Anyuan county in Ganzhou 贛州|赣州, Jiangxi
heaven / the distant sky
(to go to) distant parts / faraway / a distant relative
Yuan T. Lee (1936-), Taiwanese-born Chemist and Nobel Prize winner in 1986
to travel to (a distant place)
Endō (Japanese surname)
far and near / distance
for ever and ever
prospect / long-range view
outer suburbs / remote outskirts of a city
furthest / most distant / at maximum distance
Kaiyuan county level city in Honghe Hani and Yi autonomous prefecture, Yunnan
to bite off more than one can chew (idiom) / to aim too high
long jump (athletics)
to travel far / distant wanderings
far from the center / remote / outlying
inferior / not up to par / to fall far short / to be mistaken
to sell to faraway lands
Dingyuan county in Chuzhou 滁州, Anhui
distantly related / a distant relative
far from solved
lit. source is distant and the flow is long (idiom); fig. sth goes back to the dim and distant past / a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then
Jingyuan county in Baiyin 白銀|白银, Gansu
profound / abstruse mystery
stinking reputation / notorious far and wide
gradually proceed, gradually get further apart
expeditionary force / army on a distant expedition
high beam (headlights)
very far away
very far away
an estranged person / sb who is alienated / people far from home
far-reaching / broad / ambitious / promising
to gaze afar / to look into the distance
to pay careful attention to one's parents' funerary rites
RMON / remote monitoring
old name for district of Hohhot city 呼和浩特, Inner Mongolia
Zhenyuan county in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture 黔東南州|黔东南州, Guizhou
Huaiyuan county in Bengbu 蚌埠, Anhui
a distant relative
China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) (abbr. for 中國遠洋運輸|中远集团)
to cross (the wide ocean)
Ma Zhiyuan (c. 1250-1321), Yuan dynasty dramatist in the 雜劇|杂剧 tradition of musical comedy, one of the Four Great Yuan Dramatists 元曲四大家
triple jump (athletics) / hop, skip and jump
Weiyuan county in Neijiang 內江|内江, Sichuan
tranquility yields transcendence (idiom); quiet life of profound study / cf Still waters run deep.
Dingyuan county in Chuzhou 滁州, Anhui
(polite) excuse me for not going out to meet you
lit. the sky is high and the emperor is far away (idiom) / fig. remote places are beyond the reach of the central government
Pingyuan county in Meizhou 梅州, Guangdong
Zhaoyuan county level city in Yantai 煙台|烟台, Shandong
to cast far from oneself / to leave sb far behind / to outdistance
visionary and sagacious (idiom)
distant / far away / remote
a remote ancestor
Huaiyuan county in Bengbu 蚌埠, Anhui
A relative afar is less use than a close neighbor (idiom). Take whatever help is on hand, even from strangers.

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