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  *轟* | 轟* | *轟
explosion / bang / boom / rumble / to attack / to shoo away / to expel
to cause a sensation / to create a stir in (a place) / commotion / controversy
to bomb / to bombard / CL: 陣|阵
to bombard / to bomb / trad. also written 炮轟
bomber (aircraft)
to bombard / to bomb / (fig.) to criticize / to roast
(loanword) party (social gathering) / (Tw) party (typically associated with sex and drugs)
booming / roaring
strong / vigorous / large-scale
loudly / with a loud bang / a loud rumble
boom (sound of explosion) / rumble
(onom.) rumbling / rolling
to cause a sensation (idiom)
strategic bomber
to bomb indiscriminately
loud sound, such as that of thunder or a bomb / to rumble / to roar
to drive away
sensational effect / wild reaction
sound of thunder
carpet bombing
party venue (available for hire)
nuclear bomber (aircraft)
nuclear bomb
to drive away
proton bombardment

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