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(for) a lifetime
one's elders / older generation
senior / older generation / precursor
  *輩* | 輩* | *輩
lifetime / generation / group of people / class / classifier for generations / (literary) classifier for people
one's ancestors / past generations / a former incarnation
the next life
younger generation
the younger generation / those who come after
all one's life / lifetime
previous generation / older generation
ancestors / forefathers / ancestry
seniority in the family or clan / position in the family hierarchy
people of one's parents' generation
elders / former generations
a scoundrel / a bad chap
(fig.) a long time
(literary) we / us
of the same generation
half of a lifetime
(in the negative) (not) to be trifled with
for generations / from generation to generation
the younger generation
(literary) we / us
of the same generation / person of the same generation / peer
the older generation / ancestors
to come forth in large numbers
offspring / future generations / younger generation of a family / junior members of a group
person of one's father's generation
ancestors / one's elders
people of one's grandparents' generation
generation and age ranking / seniority
a contemporary / similar class of people
seniority in the family / pecking order
seniority in the family / pecking order
a nobody / a nonentity

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