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  *路* | 路* | *路
surname Lu
  *路* | 路* | *路
road / CL: 條|条 / journey / route / line (bus etc) / sort / kind
network (computer, telecom) / Internet / Taiwanese term for 網絡|网络
itinerary / route / political line (e.g. right revisionist road) / CL: 條|条
route map / roadmap (also fig.)
electric circuit
railroad / railway / CL: 條|条
road / path / way / CL: 條|条
the whole journey / all the way / going the same way / going in the same direction / of the same kind
highway / road / CL: 條|条
a way out (lit. and fig.) / opportunity for advancement / a way forward / outlet (for one's products)
the right way
to start on a journey / to be on one's way
thoroughfare / passage / pathway / channel
on the road / on a journey / road surface
avenue / CL: 條|条
expressway / highway / freeway
path / route / method / ways and means
crossing / intersection (of roads)
line / circuit / wire / road / railway track / bus route
passer-by / stranger
short circuit
mountain road
street / road / CL: 條|条
midway / mediocre (quality) / midfield (soccer)
route / path traveled / distance traveled / course (of development)
integrated circuit / IC
to pass by or through
veined pattern / wrinkles / vein lines (in marble or fingerprint) / grain (in wood etc)
road condition(s) (e.g. surface, traffic flow etc)
Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese government plan to provide finance and engineering expertise to build infrastructure across Eurasia and northeast Africa, unveiled in 2013
Luzhu or Luchu township in Kaohsiung county 高雄縣|高雄县, southwest Taiwan
curb / roadside / wayside
to walk / to go on foot
Louis or Lewis (name)
wireless network
a roadsign
network service
to open up a path / to make one's way through / to construct a road / (electricity) open circuit
to pave (with paving stones) / to lay a road / to give a present to sb to ensure success
computer network
(coll.) going on foot
router (computing)
network platform
piping (for water, oil, etc) / conduit
street lamp / street light
printed circuit board
application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC)
calorie (loanword)
the Silk Road / abbr. for 絲綢之路|丝绸之路
scheme / artifice / tolerance / intention / motive / train of thought / brains / wit / ideas
to travel / transport
minor road / lane / pathway / trail
road closure / to close a road
old road / familiar way / beaten track / conventional behavior
to lose the way / lost / labyrinth / labyrinthus vestibularis (of the inner ear)
Pathfinder, NASA spacecraft sent to Mars in 1977
to cross the street
Gospel according to St Luke
Luqiao district of Taizhou city 台州市, Zhejiang
road bridge
to lead the way / to guide / to show the way / fig. to instruct
network environment
intersection (of roads)
circular road / circuit
Reuters News Agency
Louis or Lewis (name)
along the way / the duration of a journey
Land Rover
digital network
travel expenses / money for a voyage / toll
sloping road / hill road
road race
circuit breaker
train of thought / thinking / reason / reasoning
ring road / closed circuit / loop
Reuters (news agency)
Louis Vuitton (brand)
telephone network
to return / circuit (e.g. electric) / loop
Coloane, an island of Macao
crossroads / intersection
local area network / LAN
routing (in computer networks)
network application
suitable / to one's liking
unidentified origin / no-one knows where it comes from / of dubious background
to make way (for sth)
a way to make a living / a way to survive / a way out of a predicament
road roller
driving test
Book of Ruth

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