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to satisfy / to meet (the needs of) / satisfied / content
insufficient / lacking / deficiency / not enough / inadequate / not worth / cannot / should not
ample / complete / hundred percent / a pure shade (of some color)
sufficient to... / so much so that / so that
adequate / sufficient / abundant
to play a critical role (idiom) / influential
to stand / to have a footing / to be established / to base oneself on
satisfied with what one has (idiom)
lit. draw legs on a snake (idiom); fig. to ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous / to overdo it
soccer ball / a football / CL: 個|个 / soccer / football
  *足* | 足* | *足
  *足* | 足* | *足
foot / to be sufficient / ample
enough / sufficient
American football
footprint / track / spoor
to stop (walking) / to halt
hands and feet / (fig.) brothers / retinue, henchmen, accomplices
fully / no less than / as much as / extremely
remarkable (progress, improvement, expansion etc)
it goes to show that / one can see
football field / soccer field
to forbid sb to go out / to confine to one location (e.g. student, soldier, prisoner, monk etc) / to ground (as disciplinary measure) / to gate / to curfew / restriction on movement / ban on visiting a place / out of bounds / off limits / caveat
soccer circles / soccer world
negligible / insignificant
perfectly contented (idiom) / perfectly satisfied
to set foot in / to step into / to become involved for the first time
plantar fasciitis (medicine)
unabridged / complete book
soccer match / soccer competition
sense of satisfaction
soccer team
World Cup (soccer) (Tw)
rich / plentiful
hands dance and feet trip (idiom); dancing and gesticulating for joy
having ample food and clothing (idiom); well fed and clothed
to have eaten and drunk to one's heart's content
Chinese Football Association
soccer association / soccer federation / abbr. for 足球協會|足球协会
to lose one's footing / to slip / to take a wrong step in life
to be full (after eating)
everything is fine except for one small defect (idiom); the fly in the ointment
to squeeze in / to step in / to take part / to step between (two persons in a relationship)
abundant / plenty
bound feet
to bring up to full strength / to make up a deficiency / to fill (a vacancy, gap etc)
excursion / hike / march
method of calculating a person's age in years from birth / see also 虛歲|虚岁 / see also 實歲|实岁
to beat one's chest and stamp one's feet (idiom)
the will is there, but not the strength (idiom) / the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
to enter (a new market etc)
to give no cause for anxiety / nothing to worry about
barefoot / barefooted
content with one's situation / to know contentment (hence happiness)
centipede / millipede
foot bath
both feet / two-legged
with callouses on hands and feet (idiom) / to work one's fingers to the bone
stamp (one's feet)
lit. not putting a foot outside / to stay at home
sufficient amount / full amount
sexual gratification
honorific: Your distinguished disciple / Your most brilliant pupil
Chinese Football Association
soccer association / soccer federation
by no means an isolated case / numerous
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
premier soccer league / superleague
lack of sleep / sleep deficit
full-term (gestation)
to set foot on (a foreign land etc) / to tread / (fig.) to enter (a new sphere)
no use to tell others / let's keep this between ourselves (idiom)
ambulatory leg (of a crab, lobster, spider etc)
football fan
national soccer team
one's every movement (idiom) / comportment / gestures
arch (of a foot)
Hong Kong Football Association
Asian Football Confederation / abbr. for 亞洲足球聯合會|亚洲足球联合会
centipedes and millipedes
feet and legs in silk stockings (especially in the massage context)
hand foot and mouth disease, HFMD, caused by a number of intestinal viruses, usually affecting young children
The will is there, but not the strength (idiom, from Confucian Analects). / I really want to do it, but don't have the resources. / The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.
abbr. for 國際足球聯合會|国际足球联合会, FIFA, international federation of football associations
extremely precious / valuable
not at all surprising (idiom)
every little move / every single movement
pure gold / solid gold
lit. to assess the head and discuss the feet (idiom); minute criticism of a woman's appearance / fig. to find fault in minor details / to remark upon a person's appearance / nitpicking / overcritical / judgmental
not at all surprising (idiom)
Dazu suburban county in Chongqing municipality, formerly in Sichuan
the quick-footed climb up first (idiom) / the early bird catches the worm / first come, first served
to stand still without advancing (idiom); to hesitate and hold back
resourceful / full of stratagems
pedicure / foot massage
to scrape together enough (people, money etc)
congenital deficiency / inherent weakness

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