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fame / reputation / honor / honorary / emeritus (of retired professor)
honor / credit / glory / (honorable) reputation / honorary
HSK 7-9
reputation / fame
HSK 7-9
prestige / distinction / reputation / trust
HSK 7-9
to angle for fame (idiom) / to fish for compliments
HSK 7-9
to be renowned
  *譽* | 譽* | *譽
to praise / to acclaim / reputation
to be thoroughly discredited / to fall into disrepute
to praise too much / I really don't deserve so much praise
flourishing reputation
to acclaim / to sing the praises of
famous / acclaimed
(idiom) to receive both praise and criticism; to get mixed reviews
honorary degree / (U.K. etc) honours degree
honorable reputation
(commerce) prestige; reputation / (accounting) goodwill
disabled soldier / serviceman wounded in action
disreputable / disgraceful
imaginary reputation / empty fame
high fame
voices unanimous in praise (idiom); with an extensive public reputation
to praise sb in his presence
to praise / recognition
to rehabilitate / to regain one's good name
honorary doctorate / Doctor Honoris Causae
good name; good reputation
honorary degree / academic degree Honoris Causa
(Tw) retired soldier; veteran
honorary doctorate / Doctor Honoris Causae
honorary doctorate / Doctor Honoris Causae
Fitch, credit rating agency
honorary doctorate / Doctor Honoris Causae
emeritus professor

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