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to translate / to interpret / translator / interpreter / translation / interpretation / CL: 個|个, ,
translation (translated version of a text)
to translate and edit / translator-editor / (computing) to compile (source code)
  *譯* | 譯* | *譯
to translate / to interpret
translator (of writing)
English translation
translated text
machine translation
translated names / transliteration
to translate / to interpret
transliteration (rendering phonetic value, e.g. of English words in Chinese characters) / characters giving phonetic value of Chinese word or name (when the correct characters may be unknown) / transcription (linguistics) / to transcribe phonetic symbols
to translate (to another language) / to convert
literal translation
translator / interpreter
to break a code / to crack a riddle / to solve an enigma / a breakthrough
to translate into (Chinese, English etc)
(old) to translate / to interpret / translator / interpreter
translator (of writings)
machine translation
formation of a loanword using a combination of characters or words that suggests its meaning (as opposed to transliteration 音譯|音译) (e.g. 超文本, 火車|火车)
phonetic transcription / transliteration
written translation
interpreter / translator (esp. oral)
quoted (from) / translation of selected passages
meaning (of foreign expression) / translation of the meaning (as opposed to literal translation 直譯|直译) / paraphrase / free translation
simultaneous interpretation (Tw)
interpreter / oral translator
modern language version / modern translation / contemporary translation
to translate again (i.e. to redo the same translation) / to translate repeatedly from one language to the next (so multiplying errors)
translated word (such as company 公司 or bus 巴士 or club 俱樂部|俱乐部)
loan translation / to calque
interpreter (computing)
derivation of a Chinese loanword from Japanese by using the same characters (or variants) but applying Chinese pronunciation (e.g. 場合|场合, derived from Japanese 場合, pronounced "ba'ai")
to translate / to render foreign words / to transliterate
simultaneous interpretation
target language (linguistics)
simultaneous translation
translator and editor
point-and-translate (computing)
two-way translation
to correct (improve) a translation
target language (for translation)
source language (for translation)
formation of a loanword using some characters (or words) chosen for their meaning and others for phonetic transcription (e.g. 冰淇淋, 朗姆酒, 奶昔 and 米老鼠)
English-Chinese parallel text
Global Tone Communication Technology Co., Ltd (GTCOM), Chinese big data and AI company
simultaneous interpretation facilities (loanword from "earphone")
Chinese and English two-way translation
sequential decoding stage

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