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police / police officer / CL: 個|个
to warn / to admonish
to sound an alarm / to report sth to the police
to be on the alert / vigilant / alert / on guard / to warn
  *警* | 警* | *警
to alert / to warn / police
to warn / to alert / warning / cautionary
to be on guard / alert / vigilance / alertness
police station / police department / police headquarters
police car
warning / early warning
abbr. for 刑事警察 / criminal police
to warn / a warning sign
police department / police station / abbr. of 警察局
fire alarm
(fire) alarm / alert signal / alarm / alert / warning
perceptive / astute / sharp / sharp-witted / vigilant / alert
police station (abbr. for 警察署)
police officer / policeman
National Police Agency (Taiwan) / abbr. for 內政部警政署|内政部警政署
Hong Kong police
port police
to warn / to alert / to be on the alert / to stand guard / sentinel
SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) / riot police / abbr. for 特種警察|特种警察
warning sign / police call
police detective
police cordon / alert level
alarm / alert / warning signal
to stand guard over / (security) guard
Hong Kong Police Force (since 1997)
early warning system
the police and the community
policeman's round / patrol / beat
police truncheon
police dog
traffic police / abbr. for 交通警察
police / police cadres
riot police / riot squad
constable / police officer
National Police Agency (Tw)
(of police, fire brigade etc) to receive a report of an incident
police classification / subdivision of policing activities (traffic, border guard, criminal etc)
guard / garrison
civil police / PRC police / abbr. for 人民警察
to be alert
police station
armed police
vigilante / volunteer (police)
traffic police / abbr. to 交警
Criminal Investigation Bureau
early warning aircraft system, e.g. US AWACS
police patrol / patrol officer / police officer (old)
alarm (e.g. burglar or fire alarm) / warning device
alarm bell
mounted police (on horse or motorbike)
traffic camera / speed camera / closed-circuit TV police surveillance
auxiliary police
government warning
alarm bell
to serve as a warning (idiom)
buoy / navigation marker
police uniform
(Tw) public prosecutors, the police, and the Investigation Bureau (abbr. for 檢察官警察調查局|检察官警察调查局)
police badge
a policewoman
People's Armed Police
Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization)
criminal police / member of the criminal police
National Police Agency (Japan)
police gear
Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Canadian federal and national police force / Mounties
police on trains / train marshal
police rank
false alert
vigilance / alertness
variant of 警戒 / to warn
garrison area / command
Royal Hong Kong Police Force (1969-1997)
civil police / PRC police
National Guard (United States)
on the alert / keenly aware
armed fighters / armed police / militia
mounted police detachment (on horse or motorbike)
coast guard
stun baton
border police
SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) / riot police
Chinese People's Armed Police Force (PAP, aka CAPF)
RoboCop (movie)
hazard lights
United States Coast Guard
road traffic policing
local or neighborhood policeman
profound, thorough and moving

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