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to decline / to fall / to drop / to falter / a decline / recession (in economics)
to weaken / to attenuate
organ failure / exhaustion / prostration (medicine)
  *衰* | 衰* | *衰
mourning garments
  *衰* | 衰* | *衰
to decline / to wane / to become weak or feeble
to age / to deteriorate with age / old and weak
prosperity and decline (of a kingdom) / rise and fall
unfailing / never-ending
to decline / to wane / to decay / to deteriorate
weak / feeble
to fall / to drop / to decline / to deteriorate / to go downhill
to age prematurely / premature senescence
(euphemism) mental illness / psychasthenia
(economic) recession
loser / jerk
radioactive decay
unfailing / never weakening / enduring / unstoppable
to decline / to wane / weakened / enfeebled / in decline
uninspired / dejected / discouraged
to decline / to die out / decline and fall
heart failure
to age prematurely
from prosperity to decline / at its peak before the decline
to flourish then decline / rise and fall
recession (in economics)
decaying / decrepit / aged and crumbling
national decline
optical attenuation
decay chain
radioactive decay
aged / decrepit
decay heat
psychasthenia / obsessive-compulsive disorder
decay curves
weakening and close to exhaustion (idiom); in terminal decline / on one's last legs
life has its ups and downs (idiom)
to treat a debility according to its nature
decline in fortunes
old and weak (idiom)

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