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bathroom / toilet / WC / CL: 間|间
satellite / moon / CL: 顆|颗
to defend / to uphold / to safeguard
to defend / to safeguard
health / hygiene / sanitation
  *衛* | 衛* | *衛
surname Wei / vassal state during the Zhou Dynasty (1066-221 BC), located in present day Henan and Hebei Provinces
  *衛* | 衛* | *衛
to guard / to protect / to defend / abbr. for 衛生|卫生, hygiene / health / abbr. for 衛生間|卫生间, toilet
David (name) / Jacques-Louis David (1748-1825), French neoclassical painter
health office / bureau of hygiene
satellite TV (abbr. for 衛星電視|卫星电视)
sanitary (related to toilet and bathroom) / bathroom
Zhongwei prefecture level city in Ningxia
health bureau (or office, or department, or agency)
toilet paper / bathroom tissue
satellite navigation / sat-nav
World Health Organization (WHO)
to defend / defensive / defense
rear guard / backfield / fullback
public health
to defend traditional values
to stand guard over / (security) guard
to guard / to defend
to guard / to protect / bodyguard (for officials in ancient times)
advanced guard / vanguard / avant-garde / forward (soccer position)
satellite TV
women's bathroom (abbr. for 女衛生間|女卫生间)
satellite photo
satellite navigation system / sat-nav
to defend the crown (in sports championship)
men's bathroom (abbr. for 男衛生間|男卫生间)
Ministry of Health
kitchens and bathrooms
Imperial bodyguard
state of Wei (c. 1040-209 BC), vassal of Zhou
to defend one's country
sterilized absorbent cotton wool (used for dressings or cleansing wounds) / sanitary napkin / tampon
Titan (moon of Saturn), aka Saturn VI
environmental sanitation / abbr. to 環衛|环卫
condom / CL: 隻|只
moon of Jupiter
hooded sweatshirt / hoodie
Ganymede (moon of Jupiter), aka Jupiter III
World Health Organization (WHO) / abbr. for 世界衛生組織|世界卫生组织
proponent / supporter / upholder
public cleanliness / (urban) sanitation / environmental sanitation / abbr. for 環境衛生|环境卫生
moon of Mars
guardian / defender
The Guardian (U.K. newspaper)
Wong Kar-wai (1956-), Hong Kong film director
moon of Saturn
World Health Organization (WHO) / abbr. for 世界衛生組織|世界卫生组织
Callisto (moon of Jupiter), aka Jupiter IV
Antwerp (city in Belgium)
quarterback (QB) (American football)
long underwear pants
Europa (moon of Jupiter), aka Jupiter II
citadel / defensive city / acropolis
mythological bird, reincarnation of drowned daughter Nüwa 女娃 of Fiery Emperor 炎帝
artificial satellite
guard of honor
sanitary towel
sanitary equipment
Weidong district of Pingdingshan city 平頂山市|平顶山市, Henan
guard home, defend the country (idiom); national defense
reasonable self-defense / legitimate defense
defense of the imperial palace or of the capital / the palace guard (or a member of that unit)
guard / bodyguard
Wang Ching-wei (1883-1944), left-wing Guomingdang politician, subsequently Japanese collaborator
sanitation worker
World Health Assembly
health official
to guard / to protect
to launch a satellite / (fig.) (neologism during the Great Leap Forward, c. 1958) to achieve prominent success / (later used sarcastically) to make exaggerated claims / to talk big
to surround and protect
satellite photo
the Acropolis (Athens)
excessive self-defense (self-defense with excessive force)
chamber pot / commode
Commandant of Guards (in imperial China), one of the Nine Ministers 九卿
Zhongwei prefecture level city in Ningxia
Deimos (moon of Mars), aka Mars II
medical school / nursing school
self-defense force / the Japanese armed forces
toilet paper
David Clive Wilson, Baron Wilson of Tillyorn (1935-), British diplomat and China expert, Governor of Hong Kong 1986-1992
to defend one's country
weather satellite
defender / a guard
global positioning system (GPS)
"satellite" town / edge city / exurb
Weihaiwei, late Qing naval port in Weihai 威海, Shandong
lit. mythical bird Jingwei tries to fill the ocean with stones (idiom); futile ambition / task of Sisyphus / determination in the face of impossible odds
traditionalist / moralist / champion (of a cause)
Weihui county in Xinxiang 新鄉|新乡, Henan
Red Guards (Cultural Revolution, 1966-1976)
communications satellite

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