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to elaborate (on a theme) / to expound (the classics) / perfunctory / to skimp / to botch / to do sth half-heartedly or just for show / barely enough to get by
to give rise to / to derive / derivative / derivation
  *衍* | 衍* | *衍
to spread out / to develop / to overflow / to amplify / superfluous
derivative (finance)
a derivative (complex product derived from simpler source material)
to deduce / to infer / an implication / same as 推演
to multiply / to reproduce / to increase gradually in number or quantity
to do things half-heartedly / to merely go through the motions
to give rise (to) / to spawn / to spread (to)
derivative product / derivative (in finance)
to evolve (of ideas, designs, constructions etc) / to develop and change
to develop / to evolve
the Ramayana (Indian epic)
financial derivative
Xia Yan (1900-1995), Chinese writer, playwright, socialist critic and movie pioneer
Zou Yan (305-240 BC), founder of the School of Yin-Yang of the Warring States Period (475-221 BC)
to skimp on the job / to work half-heartedly / not to take the job seriously
hereditary title bestowed on Confucius' descendants
variant of 繁衍
to spread out widely / to disseminate
bamboo box
rich and fertile (soil)
the official residence of Confucius' descendants at Qufu 曲阜, Shandong
angle of diffraction (physics)
compound word such as 玫瑰 or 咖啡, whose meaning is unrelated to the component hanzi, which often cannot be used singly
credit derivative (in finance)
diffraction grating (physics)
Descendants are great in numbers. (idiom)

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